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TRHW of New Jersey

TRHW New Jersey – Water Under The Table

Episode aired:  05/03/2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I am always amazed at how people put their lives out there and make complete idiots of themselves.  I can also say that out of Orange County, Atlanta, and New York….New Jersey is definitely the most explosive.

Caroline to me is the biggest manipulator of them all.  Do I think she is family oriented yes, do I think she can be a good friend yes, however I believe that there is something to hide.  She never gave herself the opportunity to even get to know Danielle.  It’s almost as if she had a fear of her.  Now Caroline may say she has no fears, but simply put before all of this started, “What did Danielle do to her?”  You have to pick and chose your battles.

Caroline is the person that runs her family’s business and has that influence.  Danielle just happen to be one of those people who cannot be ran by someone.  Caroline does not like people around her that doesn’t listen to her or have her at the highest regard.  She really needs to get over herself.

I am not excusing Danielle, because believe me she has issues as well.  I believe that Danielle’s issue go deeper than what is being exposed on television.  Only Danielle has the tools to deal with those issues.  I don’t know what Danielle married her first husband for, but she needs to realize being a single mother is very crucial.  Her daughter’s are watching her every move, so therefore she needs to be careful of what she says and does around them.  I am glad that she did not go to the party.  It is very senseless.  If they didn’t invite you, then don’t worry about what they are doing.  She said that she didn’t care but she did, because she wanted to go over there…News Bulletin….That is Caring!

I respect Teresa because she is straight forward and blunt with her words.  I do not like kicking a dog when it is down.  Now Jacqueline’s husband told her that he doesn’t want the drama in their family.  He needs to be careful in what he says, because Teresa sitting at a table asking someone for the dirt on Danielle to me is nothing but drama…but it’s ok for Jacqueline to be around her?  My thing on Teresa is she feels that Danielle is weak and likes drama herself so since the majority of the people are on her side, she choses to keep her down….not good.  I am glad though that Jacqueline stood up to her husband, I mean….Who is he to tell her who can be her friend?

Lastly, I must say, I had more respect for Dina today, for not entertaining Kim’s comments at the table.  There is a difference in conducting business with your clients’ and being fake.  Kim needs to go back to business etiquette, because what she displayed today was far from professional or friendship.  I would definitely watch her.  You know what they say about drunks?  They say what they didn’t have the courage to say when they were sober!!!

My favorite housewife this week is Dina.  Today she was the one who showed me unlike the rest, that she did make somewhat of a change!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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