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TRHW of New York

TRHW of New York City – “Stay On Message”

Episode 9 Aired:  04/29/2010

The Housewives of New York City

Finally!!!!! Jill was silenced.  Do I like the way that the news was delivered?  No I don’t, but Jill has no loyalty.  She always wants the shine on herself.  She even took her husbands shine on the TV show.  She is always quick to say something about someone else, but when she is the one that is being put down, it is a whole different story.  My words to Jill is “Don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it in!”  Walking away crying give me a break!  Saying “I never did anything to her”, seems to me you need to get your DVD out from last season.  You disrespected Alex totally.  The only difference in you and Alex is that Alex hurt your feelings straight to your face!  Oh yeah and the whole point was to embarrass you, and those are not your girlfriends, they are just pretending to be!  (WTG Alex…you finally got to the bully!)

Bethenny, I love you girl…You have always been my FAVORITE NYC Housewife.  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that BRAVO just doesn’t show it all.  There is no way you pregnancy could have leaked without you doing so.  You know exactly who you told and knew that person would leak it.  Simply put, if you didn’t want it leaked, you and your fiance’ should have been the only ones to know!

Kelly, I think is a real joke!  She doesn’t know what she wants and is simply looking for flunkies.  She is hanging with LuAnn and Jill because she feels she is prettier than them.  She knows if she is with them then she gets to shine more.  Wake up Kelly that is a pure sign of NOT BEING CONFIDENT!

LuAnn honey, the only thing I have to say to you is “Read your own book”, I do not believe in your etiquette book there is nothing that says “It’s ladylike to gossip about your so-called friends”.  Calling about Bethenny’s pregnancy was so low-class!  Why didn’t any of you send her flowers or a card?  Grow up!

My favorite housewife this week is Alex.  She really grew some balls and got Jill in the gut!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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