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TRHW of New York

TRHW of New York City – “Leap Before You Look”

Episode 10 aired:  5/6/2010

The Housewives of New York City

BETHENNY- My heart pours out to you!  It’s unfortunate that you are going through this ordeal with your father, but you did everything you could.  It will never go away, but now you have your own family to worry about.  You beating yourself up will take time away from loving that man who is by your side and the baby that is in your belly.  My sympathies to you with your father.

ALEX-  Bravo!  Jill didn’t want everyone to hear what an ass she has been, that is why she didn’t let you get out what you wanted to say.  Don’t worry, we already know and she does too.  I credit you for trying, but if you need some pointers’ on getting through, I can definitely show you how to be a real trip!

RAMONA- I think you handled yourself well with Jill at first, but then it seems like when you were trying to make peace, you did a little butt-kissing.  So what Jill was crying.  That is her guilty mind.  You seem to be worried about everyone thinking you were the bad guy.  So what, who cares what they think.

SONJA-  Honey RUN!!!  You are going to be corrupted!

KELLY- Forgive me, but Kelly has not moved me yet.  She strikes me as very cosmetic.  She is quick to say what she won’t do, like someone really cares.  She seems very self-centered.  I’m going to have to watch a few more episodes, because what I have gotten so far is that she tries to be tough, but last season, she always walked away from an argument, that didn’t go her way.  To me that is a coward.

LuANN- It wasn’t your battle!  You don’t even like Alex.  Who are you to tell Alex to talk to Jill.  Alex stands by what she did even though it should have been delivered by Bethenny herself.  You better watch your back and watch your past episodes, because why you are running to Jill’s rescue while she is “playing the victim”, please remember this…she talked about you too!!!

JILL- Crying?  Every dog gets their day.  It was ok for you to hurt Bethenny, but now the shoe is on the other foot and you cannot handle it.  Don’t dish it out if you cannot take it in.  You told Alex that their is really nothing to say….then quit crying.  You are simply You are pissed because you know you screwed up with Bethenny and you hate that people knew information about her before you…Miss know-it-all!  Why should you know anything about Bethenny at this point?  Grow up!

If Bethenny wanted you to know about her dad, then she would have told you herself.  She told Ramona not to tell anyone…that is Betheeny’s choice.  Then you said Alex should have told you…give me a break, you just told her “There’s nothing to say”.  Make up your mind.

My favorite housewife this week is Jill!  I hope you learned your lesson this week!  It’s not always about you!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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