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TRHW of New York

TRHW of New York City – “Shunburn”

Episode 12 aired:  05/27/2010


Your were glowing beautifully!  I’m glad you didn’t get yourself upset and bothered over Jill’s mess.  You didn’t even entertain her bull…good for you!  I have so much respect for you for always telling it like it is and standing by what you say.


Nobody is worth your health.  Before you get that upset, go off on the person who upsets you.  It’s better to be said than not to be said.  Jill never thought about your feelings, so why should you think about hers.  Check her!


Bravo!  You did an excellent job in planning your trip.  Although the trip was about you, you thought of all of the girls comfort level so unselfish.  A little food for thought.  You can play both ways for too long.  Jill is only trying to be your friend to “keep her enemy closer”.  She is trying to use you to stay up on everyone’s business.  Just be careful.


I like that you are staying reserved.  Unfortunately with these ladies, you never know what is going to happen.


If you believe that you have this much grief with the women…do you think they pay you enough to actually have a nervous break-down on television.  You make absolutely no sense!  I can’t believe you didn’t have enough sense to even realize that Jill and LuAnn were making fun of you.  For someone who doesn’t like gossip you sure do a lot of it.  The comment about Bethenny not being a cook…sounds like gossip to me.


I can’t believe that you and Jill actually made fun of Kelly in her face.  This is a woman who is really touched and although you are using her for information to know what the other girls are doing, you can’t even look out for her, in her time of need.  Wow LuAnn, I really thought you were better than that.


Shame on you.  You knew absolutely well you would not have been invited.  You declined and then call yourself surprising someone…well lady joke’s on you!  When the shoe is on the other foot, it’s a tight fit!  Another lesson in standing by what you say and learning how to take in what you dish out!  I would respect you more if you did that.  Doesn’t matter how long you have been knowing Ramona…a real friend would have been there when everybody else arrived.  You want everyone to dislike who you dislike, the world doesn’t go around like that.  Quit playing the victim…it’s not becoming of you.  In case you have amnesia, you rejected Bethenny first, so don’t expect her to jump because you’re ready!!!!

Why don’t you just admit that you were wrong.  You are simply wrong, because you are always at the head of everyone’s business and being the center of attention and now you regret what you did to Bethenny…just admit it.

My favorite housewife this week is Ramona!  I thought you did a wonderful job with your trip with the girls and I wish you nothing but the best with your nuptials.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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