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Basketball Wives Miami

Basketball Wives Season Finale

Season Finale aired:  8/8/2011

I am doing what I do!  I am blogging as I am watching Basketball Wives Season Finale.  Just remember as you read this it will change because again, I am blogging as I watch.

Royce the spitfire, is pissed but not surprised with Jennifer’s fast exit before she got to the sit-down.  Royce is now going to start to fire back, because she feels Jennifer can “dish it out” but she cannot take it in.  Royce feels like the “Twitter” thing is over-rated but she is definitely about to join in on the Twitter game.  Poor Suzie, she just doesn’t know which way to go, she is so sweet and she just doesn’t want anybody mad at her.

Suzie and Jennifer seem to forget about what a Divorce Party should be about.  Suzie wants a cake with Eric’s head on it.  The cake should be something celebrating her new life…solo.  Don’t focus on the person you are divorcing focus on your New Beginnings!  Nothing gruesome should be at the party nor nothing about Eric should be at the party the party should be about Jennifer and her new-found happiness!

“Does your friend have a PU*&%Y!”  OMG can Evelyn get any more blunt!  I understand Chad, there is no way someone of his status can just cut people out of his life because he is now with Evelyn.  I understand Evelyn’s point as well with being in the spotlight.  Chad is definitely putting it down in the argument.  Ultimately, this is definitely the best time to discuss something like this before they get married.  Chad may be feeling like Evelyn cannot trust him or maybe she is a little insecure, it would be interesting to find out which one it is.  It’s a commercial break.

Back to the show!  Chad using the “cocoon” comment was so real.  Evelyn should know a man with his status can’t shake that many people in such a short time!  Seems like Evelyn just doesn’t want him to be around any women, but umm, I do believe we have seen Evelyn in pictures with male celebrities, so does she cut that out?  Well the good news is that they discussed it, although I don’t think it is over, they ended it with a literal bang!

It’s crazy watching Evelyn talk about her plans to talk to Eric and we already know what is going to happen.  It’s funny too how we know, but I’m sure when I see it again, I’m going to be just as shocked as if I’ve never seen it.  I feel for Jennifer because she doesn’t deserve it.  As I’m watching this commercial break I think I’m starting to get mad all over again, just as when I saw the previews last week.

Eric wants his last name, do you think Jennifer is going to go Tina Turner on him, letting him keep everything but the name…..NOT!!!  Eric is telling that he is the reason for Jennifer’s success, making her the only official wife on the show because of his status, giving her the money for her lip gloss line along other things.  Now he just wants his name back.  He seems really cold-hearted.  I have to think that something is good in this man because if it wasn’t I don’t think Jennifer would have married him.

It’s funny how Jennifer went from not wanting to be with anybody, now she is telling everybody to find her a hot guy.  I hope she didn’t forget that she invited Will her date from last week to the party.  I hope she doesn’t overstep her bounds.  During the past seasons I would have never imagined Jennifer talking about making out with a man and especially on world-wide television. What a difference 1-year, and a dream-team of attorneys make. Commercial break!

I can’t believe they displayed a cake like that with the head cut off and the balls at the bottom of the cake.  I really don’t think anything should have been about Eric, but I guess everybody has different views.  If she liked it then that is all that matters.  here comes Al Reynolds.  Al is just coming to see how much gossip he can gather and tell all.  Will is getting grilled by the girls but he is definitely holding his own.  The girls just need to realize he is Jennifer’s date.  I hope Jennifer isn’t making out with him because she knows the girls approve of him, I hope she is doing it because she really likes him.  The girls on the other hand are so nosey, when they should be partying they are sitting there staring at Jennifer.  That’s reality for you!

The pinata of Eric, I think was a negative event.  I know that it was all supposed to be fun but how can you not expect feelings to be hurt in this process.  If Jennifer were to put the shoe on the other foot, do you think she would have been pissed and hurt?  I’m just wondering how much of these party ideas were Jennifer’s.  I think the party was tasteless, I really expected a little more class from Jennifer.  I am happy that she is starting her new life I just believe she should have done it a little more classy and I’m sorry, a grown woman making out with a man in the middle of a party is not classy.

I’m glad to see Eric’s comments don’t hurt her feelings anymore.  I’m happy to see Jennifer really stand up for herself.  Okay, so now we know why the water incident happened.  Jennifer threw water at Eric as he was walking away.  I’m not going to say that she started it because although she did throw water it wasn’t in his face!  He threw that water with such force, it looked like it hurt.  It was still low of him and after all of that, still nothing was accomplished from the meeting.  Eric has a very strong head and he is not going to let it look like, in any way that Jennifer won so he ended it in a very unflattering way.

The show was very interesting.  It was good to watch a show when there was no major drama between the girls.  However, we know that the show wasn’t going to be drama free, Eric Williams made sure of that!  Whatever the case if Jennifer is happy with her decisions that she made on today’s show then bottom line I applaud her.  When you make these types of decisions, i.e divorce part, cake, Will, meeting with Eric, as long as you stand by what you did then at the end of the day take a bow!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!

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