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Tia & Tamera

Tia and Tamera I Didn’t Imagine They Would Be So Different

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The Premier of the Show  aired:  8/8/2011

I’m watching the Tia & Tamera show and I have been following these girls since they first started.  I must say I’m watching their premier show and I’m in shock, but I know that is what reality shows will do.  I have always had a vision in my mind of the closeness they possess. Don’t get me wrong I do believe they are close but on this episode it seems their lives’ have taken a separate path and it definitely seems like there is a little strain.  Now I am writing this as I watch the Shows Premier so just know that some things will change during this very blog.

Tia is pregnant so I am not going to be totally surprised with some of her actions.  Tamera is getting married and Tia is supposed to be her Maid of Honor but it seems like so far every seen they show Tia, it is about herself.  From what was said on the show, Tamera apparently did everything for Tia’s Wedding so I think it is a little sad that Tamera is lacking that same support from her sister.

Now Tamera seems ticked when Tia told her she thought she was a bridesmaid.  Tamera is acting as though she wasn’t considering changing Tia’s title in the wedding.  It has always been known that the Maid of Honor is supposed to be at the brides beckon call.  Tia has did none of that, therefore, her giving Tamera the ultimatum of Her being Maid of Honor or Draia (Tamera’s BFF) being Maid of honor was a blow.  I understand family is first but like Tamera said she did her duties as Maid of Honor at Tia’s wedding.  Whatever the case I guess Tamera didn’t like the ultimatum and Oh Boy!  Tamera just asked her BFF to be her Maid of Honor….this doesn’t look like it’s going to be too good.

I feel so bad for Tamera because I know she is sad her sister can’t be at the bridal shower.  At the same time I feel bad for Tia because of course baby and health comes first but I’m sure Tia really wanted to be there for her sister’s bridal shower.  Tamera is doing a good job in getting through her shower, but she still is thinking about her identical half.

Yay!!!!  Tia made it to the shower!!!!  How wonderful she made it and the Maid of Honor situation Tia seems to understand but I’m sure it’s coming up again.

I love the show, I guess because I have always loved Tia & Tamera.  I think they are two very positive young women and I wish them nothing but success.  I am going to continue to follow the show.  Hopefully we will get them on ListenSpeakRadio.

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2 thoughts on “Tia and Tamera I Didn’t Imagine They Would Be So Different

  1. I like the show too. I was also surprised on how different the twins are. They argue like regular sisters. While I like the show, it can be a little dry and silly.

    Posted by Denise Shelton (@Niceybuckets) | August 30, 2011, 4:43 pm

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