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Bad Girls Club Season 7

Bad Girls Club-Season 7 is Definitely a Circus

Aired:  08/22/2011

What does Judi have in her purse?  She carries her purse everywhere she goes and I find that extremely weird.  It makes you wonder “What is it that she is guarding inside that purse?”.  It seems that she is in the middle of a tug-of-war to make the clicks 4 against 3.  I just don’t understand why she trust any of the girls.  Staci was on the phone talking about most of the girls in the house.  She said Priscilla and Shelly were lap-dogs,and Tasha was a “groupie-Kim Kardashian type”.  So this certainly says to me that she cannot be trusted.  Staci is using Judi for personal gain and that is only to make the clicks 4 to 3, and she needs Judi to do that.

Judi has so many sides to her it seems as if she was looking for approval from all of the girls.  I feel she is having an identity crisis, because she is always making reference to her ethnicity. I am not so sure she even knows what that is totally.  Then she uses excuses to ok her behavior, like in the instance she says she acts the way she does because she is an only child.  News Bulletin Judi…I am an only child to my mother and we are nothing alike.  So please lay that excuse to rest because it cannot be further from the truth.  I do appreciate Tiara for keeping it real with Judi and letting her know being an only child does not mean you act a certain way.

Shelly the two-faced one, didn’t have any problems when everybody was on her team.  Some people have fallen out with her and some have forgiven her, but now she acts like she wants to be friends with Judi, which is supposed to be her arch-enemy.  We all know that she is trying to make Judi her puppet which is extremely juvenile.  She turns on someone in a New York Minute, for instance, she gets upset with Tasha because she used a derogatory sexuality term about someone, so instead of just accepting Tasha’s explanation, Tasha becomes her target.

During dinner, the wind blew east so that meant Judi now likes Staci. Shelly took offence to the term “Trailer Park White” which was said by Staci who, by the way, is half white and she owns it.  Whatever the case, Staci and Shelly have words which include calling each other Bitches when out of nowhere Staci makes Shelly wear her drink by throwing it in her face.  What was more shocking to me was “big bad” Shelly did nothing but storm away.  Seems to me Shelly was a little afraid of an a*s whipping but I’m sure she’ll say it’s because she didn’t want to get put off the show, is the reason she didn’t retaliate.

The girls go and get tattoos is really a premature move.  They should have at least waited til the show was over to make sure they really wanted a memory from the show.  Simply put if someone beat the crap out of me and I got put off of a show I don’t think I would want a permanent tatoo to remind me of a bad experience like that.

There is absolutely no loyalty, and there is no modesty (men in and out of their beds, that they know nothing about).  I’m not seeing any progress in these girls.  They are a hot mess and not one of them have even mentioned cleaning up their acts and finding a better future for themselves.  I stress to mothers’, when you send your daughter’s off to adulthood, please make sure you footnote to them “Don’t let mommy turn on the TV and see you on Girls Gone Wild or Bad Girls Club”.  Believe me you’ll thank me later for this bit of advice.  I said it to my daughter, she graduates college next year, and so far I haven’t seen her on TV.

On a good note I was happy to see all of the girls go out together and have a good time, drama free.  They also were successful with the swamp excursion.  It is not very many times that this happens, as a matter of fact I don’t think has ever happened this season.  What would make it better is if they did something constructive as a group to make their lives better.  Until then…

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