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Chris Brown Is Back in Full Effect!!!!

The blog below was written over a year ago by myself, and after Chris Brown’s performance today, I must say, I had revisit this blog.  I am so happy to see Chris Brown re-invented.  I am so glad to see the press has calmed down and went on to “TRY” and ruin someone elses life.  Today I watched true meaning of “You can’t keep a good man down!

Chris had an explosive performance on the VMA’s and he still reins as the baddest “Triple Threat Male Artist” today!  I don’t think no male artist in the business can touch the energy, creativity and presence on a stage that he has.  To top it off the fans gave him a roar that could have taken the roof off and rightly so!  No one can deny the talent that Chris has and the performance that Chris gave today and Chris took that stage and demanded to be seen for his talent and not for his personal life, as they are two separate things.

What really touched my heart was the fact that Mr. Kanye West was on his feet for the entire performance.  Jay Z chose to take a sip of his drink while everyone clapped and that’s his right, but Kanye still supported Chris not caring about the feeling that Jay Z may or may not have.  I really salute Kanye because based on what we could see last year, I didn’t think that artist embraced Chris soon enough for what seemed to be a bad situation, that only Chris and Rihanna still to date know the truth about.  Therefore, Kanye supporting Chris tonight said that he knows Chris is human, his business is his business and tonight is his night no matter what anyone thinks.

So to Chris Brown, you certainly shined today and I am so impressed that you knocked the doors in and took your title back!

The following blog was posted 06/29/2010 on my Pieces from my Realities Blog

Based on the B.E.T. performance (Tribute to Michael Jackson)  06/27/2010

By all means, I was a victim of abuse and in no way do I condone abuse of any kind!  My thing is this, how long can you kick a dog when it is down?  Chris Brown screwed up, and lots of people are saying that it was a scam to get back into his music career that totally hit rock bottom.  Ok, ok it wasn’t good but did you consider the possibility that Rihanna cried wolf to save her career as well, because society is so quick to jump to the females’ defense?  Okay, she had horrible bruises, but did she hit him first and the dashboard is what gave the worst of the bruises when he slammed on the breaks to keep from continuing to get hit?  Not saying this happened, but my point is this, they both have careers to save and the two of them and God only knows what happened.  So unless we know for sure, how can we continue to judge without TRULY knowing what happened that night?

Furthermore, it happened, and it can’t be changed.  How can people change if they are continuing to be hounded for their past?  I mean in his defense, he is a young man who made a huge mistake, he paid his debt to society and took responsibility so give him credit for that.  Furthermore, R Kelly slept with an underaged female and his music continues to top the charts.   What about Woody Allen, Ike Turner, Joseph Jackson, need I say more?  The small difference to me is R Kelly, Woody, Ike and Joseph were all mid-aged men, Chris however was an immature young man who stands a big chance of learning from his mistake, the first time, with the right influence…he’s still young.  So why can’t this young man have a second chance?  I’m not saying I condone any of these people, but I am asking when does it stop?  He is going to live with this mistake for the rest of his life, I don’t think he should have to pay for it for the rest of his life.

I do applaud B.E.T. for giving Chris the opportunity to do the performance, something they took away from him last year, which I think was a case of loss prevention…but still it showed great support.  I don’t think that any other performer presently in the music industry can mimic Michael’s dance moves better than Chris.  It was a job well done!  When he cried, I think not only was he crying for his idol, but he was crying for what his idol endured during his career and he understood the message of the song, I truly believe, he did start with the “Man In The Mirror” so he should have credit for that alone.

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