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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives LA – Different City Same Shhh!

Episode aired:  8/29/2011

Based on tonight’s show the only people who had good intentions were Gloria, Imani and Tonya but something is telling me the tables will turn.  In my opinion just how Gloria had a one-on-one lunch with Draya is how Jackie should have done with Tonya.  Kimsha had the opportunity to tell Malaysia how she felt about her, so doing it in front of the girls is just wrong.  Kimsha was trying to pick on Malaysia and Laura jumped on the bandwagon.  Unfortunately for the both of them Malaysia held her own and Laura didn’t like it.  I don’t think this lunch was to get to know each other, this gathering was to point fingers.  Laura dished it out because she felt majority ruled but the comment that Malyasia made about Laura sleeping with people’s husbands simply struck a chord with Laura.  My thing is this, why would you get mad at a comment that was not true?

Jackie wanted everybody to know she was from the hood, but was that statement to say don’t mess with me?  She seemed like a straight bully and it was very unattractive.  I never knew that someone would criticize a person that chooses not to speak broken English.  Therefore, if it seems that Tonya is phony for that then maybe Jackie is stereotyping her with other groups of people.  I salute a woman who chooses to speak proper English, so “Hat’s Off” to Tonya.

It seems that this season of “BBW” is in a different city but it is going to be the same shhh, only these women or might I say, from watching this episode, these girls are just out to make their season more explosive than Miami as if it were a competition.  So again, we are not going to be watching to see what the lifestyles of Basketball Wives/Girlfriends/Ex-fiances’/Jump-offs, we are going to be watching to see who’s going to be fighting, bullying and creating drama.

I hope the girls prove me wrong and really focus on positive aspects of their lives rather than create drama, because the show can still be successful in doing so.  I know the show will be successful anyway but let it be successful based on positivity and not negativity.  They could stand to take some notes from “La La’s Full Court Life” to see what it means to have class.  The girls already have an opinion of each other based on what someone else said, so therefore this is always going to be a pool of drama to create “clicks”.  We need to leave the “clicks” in high school.  If someone is not the type of person you want to hang with or don’t like,  just simply don’t hang with them, but I don’t think you have to put on a scene for your reasoning of why you don’t like someone.

I think that they are a beautiful group but this episode made quite a few of them look ugly!  However, I believe that they have it in them to change things around.  I know that there are some scenes that were cut out so this blog is basically based on the episode only so I can only call it like I see it until I am proved wrong, and because I am a woman I would loved to be proved wrong in this case.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!



5 thoughts on “Basketball Wives LA – Different City Same Shhh!

  1. Wonderful post!

    Posted by Anonymous | August 30, 2011, 3:26 pm
  2. I am so pleased to see that I am not the only women upset by there women. Thank You!!

    Posted by Denise Shelton (@Niceybuckets) | August 30, 2011, 4:25 pm
    • Thank you for reading Denise! I just have a problem with disrespect period. I also have a problem with the possibility of children thinking this type of behavior is ok. I always told my kids “you can be popular but don’t be the popular idiot” advice that I follow myself:)

      Posted by smarchel | August 30, 2011, 4:35 pm


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