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Beyonce Gets All The Credit For Pregnancy Reveal

I was watching Beyonce perform on the MTV VMA’s last night and I was pleasantly surprised!   Although I was elated at the end of the performance to see her reveal her pregnant tummy, I was amazed to see the happiness, and love bouncing off of her beautiful and glowing face!

I think it is wonderful that Beyonce and Jay are starting their family and to see how proud they were, was priceless.  However, the best thing about the whole reveal is the press, nor the paparazzi can take credit for the announcement!  I think it was very tasteful the way Beyonce revealed her pregnancy to the world and without question, this was a time the press did not have the opportunity to report the news first or twist everything up which may have possibly made it messy.

Hats off to Beyonce because she revealed the news in her time and her way!  Gotta love it!

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