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Dance Moms a Dance Mess

I had the opportunity to view the last few of this season’s episodes of Dance Moms and I am truly still in shock.  I too am a mom with children in activities and because of moms like these I love the gym my children are at!  I am not taking anything away from the finishing product of the dancing, I think Abby is one of the best in the business.  Unfortunately, the drama in this show is out-weighing the positive aspects of the show.

I know everybody has a different way of raising their kids but when you put your child at risk that is wrong every time no matter what method you use in raising your children.  Kelly’s daughter Brooke was in pain due to a back injury and it was very apparent.  She took her to the doctor’s office and the doctor seemed very adamant that Brooke should not perform.  Kelly’s first words were “We have to!”  Are you kidding me?  I know it would have been a let down to her teammates but I’m sorry this is not 1996 and she is not Kerri Strug!  Why would you jeopardize permanent injury to your child for the team?  That is to me a form of child endangerment.  Kelly seems to be forcing her child because she regrets quitting dance when she was younger.  I don’t think Abby, as Kelly says, is punishing her for quitting years ago.  I think Kelly is just so remorseful for quitting dance, she is trying to complete her dream through her daughter at any means necessary.

Speaking of completing dreams through your child, I believe that Cathy is certainly in denial.  She wants Vivi-Anne to dance because it’s her craft.  Vivi-Anne is 6 years old and there is a difference in encouraging your child to try something than MAKING them do it.  Vivi-Anne clearly expressed that she dislikes solos and would rather do group performances.  This says that Vivi-Anne enjoys dancing for the fun-of-it, so she certainly should be doing it for fun!  The type of pressure Cathy is putting on her 6-year-old daughter is simply awful.

Cathy is very cocky and when I say that, I think it was very disrespectful to change a choreography routine and not even talk to Abby whose company your child is supposed to be representing.  Which leads to the fact, if you want to do the choreography then you certainly should go back to your own gym.  It is unheard of to change a routine.  As for me personally, I would have put her out of my dance studio.  I can’t understand why she wants to be there in the first place, even though she says she would like Abby to train her basically to have a different perspective than hers, but she didn’t do that when she changed the routine.  She doesn’t ride the bus with the team, and she doesn’t even stay to cheer the other team members on.  This certainly displays that Cathy doesn’t want to follow the rules or be a team plater, therefore she needs to leave.

Melissa at times seems like she is the child and Maddie is the mother.  At Maddie’s age, she certainly should not be telling her mother what she wants to do.  The back-talk that Maddie displays to Melissa is crazy.  Stomping away from her mom and slamming things down is certainly not acceptable, but as long as Melissa tolerates it, that is the reaction her daughter will continue to give her which is very disrespectful.

Holly had some valid points about how Abby showcases Nia, but I also understood Abby’s point.  Ultimately, I think that Abby should realize the ethnicity performances should not outweigh the standard performances that the other girls perform.  Holly should probably put Nia in more private lessons to brush her technique up so that her argument can be stronger.  Holly should also decide whether the program works for her or not.  I think complaining constantly of what you don’t like but continue staying with the program is very contradictory.

Again, I think Abby is one of the best in the business, but she also needs to re-think some things.  However, girls under 11 gyrating and wearing Burlesque outfits is simply unprofessional and tasteless!  Shame on the mothers’ for letting their daughters do it.  There are other costumes that they could have worn that were appropriate for girls their age, and that is apart of Abby’s job to find them.

I certainly see the love that Kelly, Christie, Holly, Cathy, and Melissa have for their children.  I think they appear to be very loving mothers, but the blow-ups that they display in front of their children are very CHILDLIKE.  I believe that Abby should have all practices closed so the mothers’ cannot see their children practice, because when the mothers watch their girls, it gives them the opportunity to compare children.  I think they should look forward to the element of surprise and see their daughter’s performances when everybody else does at the competitions.   Another good reason to have closed practices is when Abby has to make changes in the routine that include moving the girls around, the mother’s couldn’t complain because they wouldn’t know what the order was in the first place.  By the way, thank goodness we do have the opportunity to see the performances because that is the only positive thing about the show.

I will continue to watch the show and hopefully the focus on all of them speaking with respect towards one another will start to show in later episodes.

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2 thoughts on “Dance Moms a Dance Mess

  1. These your girls can DANCE. I am please to see the talent. I agree with your comments about the over the top mothers. Holly, please help her. Nia has an intro the other girls do no have. Holly is too busy trying to be something she is not, and she takes advice from Cathy?? Please.

    Posted by Denise Shelton (@Niceybuckets) | August 30, 2011, 4:33 pm
    • Right! Cathy is out for self and I can’t see why these ladies cannot see that. She doesn’t even ride the bus with me and I think that is a front to show her Mercedes. Holly has great intentions, but she seems so unhappy. I know Abby is one of the best but you leave your child there at what cost?

      Posted by smarchel | August 30, 2011, 5:13 pm

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