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La La's Full Court Life

La La’s Full Court Life is the REAL Basketball Wife

Episode Aired:  08/29/2011

Watching La La’s show was a breath of fresh air!  I love how the content of this show follows the lifestyle and ups and downs of a Professional, a Basketball Wife and a Mother.  La La is on top of her game in all three categories!  Even when there are problems, she is not in someone’s face cursing them out, she is not taking off her shoes trying to fight, or gossiping about someone she doesn’t like.  She is simply taking everything in stride like a real woman.Her show is fun-filled and while watching you can’t do anything but love, not just La La but all of the positive people in her life as well. The positive people include but is not limited to Carmelo Anthony, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Dice and Po.

In this episode she surprised Kelly for her 30th birthday by taking her to a gun range, and getting a tatoo, and they seem to have a great time.  Even when she was shattered with the news from Dana her agent and Steven her manager of having to step up her game doing her job, she just took it in stride and kept it moving.

I’m so happy that La La is changing the face of Reality TV. It is a show that you can watch and be proud of and her neighbors on “Basketball Wives” can really take some notes, because this show is everything that they are not.

FYI, Dice you are a good one!  I would have never touched that dead bird, I’m sorry I am with La La!

La La please keep bringing the sunshine!

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