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The T.O. Show

The T.O. Show – Refreshing and Fun

Episode Aired:  08/29/2011

Following this show makes me wonder what were people talking about over the years?  I’m really not into football, but I do remember there being talk about Terrell Owen’s attitude among other things.  However, from what I have viewed I really think Terrell is a very down to earth person.  True he has his women issues, especially with Kari Klinkenborg, but I believe this is something in him that will certainly work out with time.  He really seems like a blast to hang around and he most certainly doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind.

Kita really seems “true blue”.  Terrell and Kita have this quirky but cute relationship.  Kita has shown that she will do almost anything for Terrell, and even though Terrell doesn’t often say it, I think he really appreciates having Kita in his corner.  I don’t quite know what is going on with Mo, but I know it has got to be hard juggling a family, friendships and a career.  I really hope in the upcoming episodes, Terrell and Mo get it together, because  “The Three Musketeers” require three people and Mo definitely compliments the group.

As far as Kita’s cooking, I am going to give her an “E” for effort.  Also, to Kita, “When you wash your chicken in the sink, place a piece of aluminum foil in the sink (lol).  I know you meant well, but I think you need just a little more training.  Terrell needs to thank you a little more.  It really is the thought that counts but when a person hears your appreciation for them that makes them continue to do the positive things they do for you”.

Mo’s husband has valid points about the family, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem at all like leaving her children for trips is something she does often.  Therefore, I consider this situation a business/friendship emergency and I believe her husband should have been a little more understanding.  Ending the conversation like he did was a little rude, but I am glad that Mo held her own without being un-lady like.

I am also very interested in seeing what Terrell’s reaction was once he saw what Kita did to the car.  We know how guys feel about their cars.  We can say at least she did go get the car, which shows how good of a person she is to Terrell.

The T.O. Show is refreshing and this is yet another show that is changing the face of Reality TV.  There are moments of drama, but this show is nowhere near negative.  I wish Terrell a speedy recovery with his injury and I am looking forward to watching this season of the show.

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