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Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls Far From Pretty

Here we go again!  Another show that displays majority ignorance.  I was in disbelief  by the disrespect on this show.  When this show goes off all you come away with is women who insult others, who yearn for approval, who are materialistic and who live for their parents.

Marina’s comment that “Her mother-in-law was nothing to her” was a very poor statement to make about her mother-in-law.  She is very arrogant and selfish.  The whole show she complained when the attention was not on her.  It was sad that Marina left before her mother-in-law (Eva) received her pageant award.  I really blame Marina’s husband for that, because there is no way he should have left his mother hanging like that.

The way Diana broke up with her boyfriend because of how her family felt, was silly but so predictable.  It is so sad the way she did it.  Obviously he really liked her although I question her like for him.  It makes me wonder was she with him just for the wining and dining.  Whatever the case, no parent should dictate what or who their children should date or marry based on religion and culture.  If you want your children to stay strictly with Russians than I believe a bigger selection for Diana would be in Russia!

Anna is proud of cheating on all of her boyfriends.  Messing with people’s hearts and feelings.  She is living in a tiny apartment with three other people…Karma is a “B”!  One thing Anna needs to learn is if you “dish it out” you must certainly learn how to “take it in”.  Don’t expect to insult a man (Eddie), about his pockets and not expect him to come back at you by any means necessary.  Calling Eddie broke is just as harsh as spitting in his face.

Eddie did apologize, but I think Anna was too embarrassed to hear him out and accept it.  Also when Eddie said “Fake model, garbage school”, Anna needs to realize they are just words, and if she is confident and proud of what she are doing, she need not get mad.  Eddie learned quickly how to push her buttons and she let him.

I do believe at a very young age Anna is doing a phenomenal job with her new modeling agency.  She should also really know that what Eddie said about her was just to hurt her feelings because after all he did show up to the fashion show.  To Eddie, “Stand Up Man” props!

Anastacia, I don’t think a parent wanting their child to go to college, have a career, get married and have children is “wanting a lot”.  I think them supporting Anastacia at her age of 25 warrants them to expect her do what they say.  Maybe if she showed a little more responsibility then they would lay off a bit.  However, calling her mother a Bitch was by far one of the most disrespectful acts I have ever seen on reality TV.  That is her mother and there is no explanation needed of why she said it, however an apology is certainly needed!  Anastacia’s mom was asking about the loans is I’m guessing because she doesn’t want her to get in to deep or maybe…Hello, Anastacia has not shown any responsibility.  Let me say this Anastacia has been in college 5-years and a counselor had to help her figure out what it is she wants to do, which means she is not close to getting a degree after 5-years of attending classes.  That means her loans are in astronomical amounts.  It also means she is going nowhere fast!

The other ladies have issues as well, but none as bad as Anna, Anastacia, and Marina at this point.  I am pulling for them to change things around….until next time.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!



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