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Tia & Tamera

Tia & Tamera – “MisTWINLOVEacation”

Episode aired: 08/30/2011

I invented a new word today and that word is “MisTWINLOVEacation”.  The meaning of the word is when twins have a miscommunication of their love & need for each other.  I made up this word because this is what I have been seeing in all the episodes of Tia & Tamera.

Tia is stressed about the upcoming birth of her baby and Tamera is just now getting into the aftermath of her beautiful wedding.  They both are dealing with life changing events.  The actions that they feel one another was doing may seem selfish at the time, but later on they did realize that when it is your situation, you just want it done.  Therefore, if people are not getting things done in the fashion you want it completed, it doesn’t make them selfish, it just makes them not you!

I salute Tia for doing everything “by any means necessary” to get her little bundle of joy to turn, but he is definitely giving her a run for her money.  She is getting her first taste that when you have a child, the child pretty much runs the show in the beginning stages.

A beautiful thing is when a newlywed is learning her new role.  Tamera was so cute attempting to wash Adam’s clothes.  She was a little unsuccessful, but it is certainly the thought that counts.  However, she did redeem herself with dinner, therefore way-to-go Tamera on your first home cooked meal by you, with your husband.

The most precious moment to me is when Tamera was laying on Tia’s stomach.  What a Kodak moment that was.  Even though we know there was a little tiff, they put it aside because their love for each other always tends to find itself above all the other stuff.

The love that they have for each other has never been unclear but the misTWINLOVEacation causes their emotions to get misplaced every now and again.  Don’t worry, before the show ends they are always back on board with each other. It’s so heartwarming to watch, I almost feel sad when the show comes to an end until next week.

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One thought on “Tia & Tamera – “MisTWINLOVEacation”

  1. I still agree with you, especially on the continued miscommunication piece. I find it so interesting that my daughter and I have similar disagreements. We love each other so much, and fight just as hard. To see these twin sisters having the same everyday issues we all have in relationships is astounding to me. But an eyeopener. I enjoy your blogs. I did not comment on La La’s full court life because I was still in shock on BBW/LA. Trash, just trash.

    Posted by Denise Shelton (@Niceybuckets) | August 31, 2011, 3:42 pm

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