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Dance Mom’s Take on “Star Power”

Aired:  August 31, 2011

Abby Lee Dance Company was in Orlando, Florida for the Star Power competition!  Unfortunately it started on a sour note when Cathy and Vivi-Anne were a “no-show” for assignments, forcing Abby to cancel the duet featuring Vivi-Anne and McKenzie.  What Cathy does with her own daughter is her business, but it is totally unfair to affect other children’s performances.  What Cathy’s true motives are has not been clear but from the outside looking in things don’t look to good.

During assignments, it is not proper for Abby to express to the girls what she feels or assumes their mother’s don’t like about them.  Certainly, if a criticism is not necessary it should not be said.  Abby calling the mom’s out did not prove or disprove anything, but it could possibly have created stress for the girls to fight for their mom’s approval.

Holly feels as though, Abby is too tough on Nia, however, it has been known that instructor’s are hardest on dancer’s that they see having great possibilities.  In this instance It seems Abby was trying to bring out the best in Nia, but it can be hard to watch your child be drilled in a way that seems harsh.  However, it comes with the territory and it will get worse as Nia gets older and goes on auditions.  Nia, persevering through the  instruction of Abby will certainly prepare her to work with just about anyone.

The girls performed well in the group performance, unfortunately the duet with Brooke and Brandon seemed a little scattered.  Setting up a date with Brooke and Brandon to bond, especially with their history and their age is very inappropriate.  The discomfort in both parties stood out like a sore thumb.  It could have been handled much differently with team builders, but putting them on the spot in front of millions of viewers, which included their friends did prove to fail. Maddie had a flawless performance, and is definitely one of the best dancers, hopefully we will see her continue to grow going up against tougher competitors.  Nia’s performance was impressive this week, in which earned her 1st place in her category.  Nia will certainly go far in the business, because she does not break when she is being critiqued.  She takes it in stride and does her very best to perfect her craft.  Overall, they all did a good job, but the girls not placing, was not because of bad dancing it was because of no chemistry during the duet.

The squad has a long way to go with unity and if the Moms can convey unity, I think the girls will soon follow.

Congratulations to all the girls because you all have “Star Power”!

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