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Leading Ladies

Stacey Dash Calls it Quits with “Single Ladies”

I watched the “Single Ladies” season, which I came to love.  As the credits rolled on the Season Finale, I asked myself “I wonder who Val’s going to choose to marry next season”?

I stated hearing rumors about Stacey Dash not getting along withe the cast mates.  Then I heard it wasn’t Stacey getting along with the cast it was Lisa Raye (another one of my favs).  I didn’t know what to believe.  Ultimately, Stacey gave an exclusive to GlobalGrind.  “I have to be back in L.A. with my children right now and the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location makes that impossible.” What?  There isn’t going to be that big beautiful TV wedding?

My heart sank, knowing Stacey will not be returning, but being a mother myself, I understand.  I was just happy to see Stacey back on her grind in the public eye.  VH1 will have to dig deep into the trick bag to find a replacement, because certainly Stacey’s beauty and presence has become a part of the make-up of “Single Ladies”.  Therefore, whoever steps in her place has some very big boots to fill.

I wish Stacey nothing but the best with her family.  I also hope that her talent is recognized and she pulls a project where she can be close to her children!

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