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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives L.A. – “Rumble in the Jungle”

Episode Aired:  09/05/2011

The show started off with the conclusion of last weeks brawl.  It’s never a good thing to see beautiful women fighting and especially on national television.  When everything was over, the big question was why Tonya didn’t try to stop the fight.  Jackie, told Tonya she was asking her to help but Jackie could not have possibly expected that from Tonya after she had just got finished asking Tonya “Who the F@ck are you?”.  I’m in agreement with Tonya in a roundabout way, sometimes when you interfere with fights that are not yours, you end up being the one that gets hurt. For the record I don’t think Kimsha got up immediately either, but no one went in on her.  Kimsha did eventually get up but again, it wasn’t her battle either.  Therefore, the girls should not be mad at Tonya for not getting up.

We have to realize that when you have bad intentions things don’t turn out the way you would expect.  Some of the girls were talking about going in on Draya in Paintballing, but Draya prevailed and was the last one standing.  Later, Draya opened a can of worms when she made reference to Imani’s man.  The cardinal rule for coming into a circle, “Do a lot of listening and less talking”.  I did like her statement “They desire to see me perspire”, but believe, the ladies are going to find a way to make Draya sweat!

A “Big Up” for Laura meeting with Malaysia to squash their bitter blood.  That was definitely a womanly way to make a wrong a right!  Laura made it clear that it wasn’t Malaysia she was really mad at.  Laura has been through a lot on top of having to raise her children in a new environment among other things.  Stress can be a beast and it seems Malaysia was the person to get all of Laura’s frustrations.  It’s wonderful to see they put it behind them.  It was also good that their sisters’ were brought in so that the dust is completely settled between them as well.

Finally, I was elated when the girls stood up, Jackie being the first, for the words that they said about Draya, except Imani.  I think “worthless” was a very cruel and poor choice of a word to use for ANYONE!  Until Imani can back that word choice for Draya up, she should not use it.  Whatever Imani believes Draya has done to call her worthless has got to be horrible, and I can’t wait to hear what it is.  I believe not everyone finds what their worth is but everyone does have a worth!

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