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The T.O. Show

T.O.’s Financial Woes

Episode Aired:  09/05/2011

It was wonderful to see Terrell walking without assistance.  I just hope that he is following the doctor’s orders.  We all want him back at his very best and following the doctor’s orders is the only way he can do that.  By the way, Terrell, I know you didn’t want to use the crutches, but why Kita have to carry them?  Come on now, be the gentlemen that we know you can be (lol).

My heart is broken when the girls are in a squabble.  They both have valid points, but certainly faults should not be pointed out.  What their responsibilities outside of Terrell is nobody’s business.  Everybody’s time is important, but I don’t think the laundry list of what you are doing when you are not with Terrell should not be issued out.  There is nothing wrong with Mo having to take care of her family first, because that is truly expected, but it also nothing wrong with Kita being a single woman and it doesn’t necessarily mean she has more time to be there for Terrell because we don’t know what she has to do outside of Terrell.  However, coming together to look out for Terrell is both parties responsibility and that should be the only conversation at hand when they come together.

It’s a shame that T.O. cannot trust anyone when it comes to his finances.  We all know what’s done in the dark will come to light.  We have a man who has always been on top of his game financially, which includes taking care of his children, and then all of a sudden someone is trying to take advantage of him financially.  Believe me it will come out, and the fat lady certainly shall sing.  Seeing him cry made me want to launch my own investigation!

It was good to see Kita out on a dinner date, but when she said her Dildo’s name was “Ted” I thought I was going to fall out my chair.  I don’t think Kita is a slave to double A’s.  At least she doesn’t feel guilty in the mornings or have strings attached!

I can’t forget to say Monique’s new look is gorgeous I applaud her for the work she put in after having her baby!

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