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Bad Girls Club Season 7

Bad Girls Club S7- It Never Ends

Episode Aired:  09/05/2011

Here we go again!  Different week, same sh@t!  These girls really need to take etiquette classes.  They need to look the word loyalty up in the dictionary because no one on this show has it.  I think the closest relationships that will probably be untarnished is Priscilla/Tasha and Staci/Tiara.

Judi having sex with anything with a zipper.  I hope she is getting regular HIV test, because there are some things out there that water don’t wash off.  Judi wants not to be judged, but honey-girls needs to realize she is on national television having sex with guys whose names she barely know.  She is not being judged but she certainly has claimed a category title and it is not pretty.  This to me displays low self-esteem, and I say that because it doesn’t even seem that she is looking for love she is just looking for attention and she is going about it the wrong way.

Tiara I believe was just trying to push Tasha’s buttons with Fontino and it seems to have worked.  Tiara was out to prove that she could take Tasha’s crush and point was proved!  Tasha thinks that Tiara is jealous, I don’t see jealousy in any of the girls, I believe all of them concentrate more on their own looks, i just since a lot of animosity between clicks.  So the distrust and phony antics, they need to realize it never ends.

Angelique, I don’t see it as going between girls, I see it as Angelique simply just being friendly with everyone.  The only thing I do see wrong is when Angelique talks about individuals to other people.  That seems to always open up a can of worms.  I don’t think Angelique needs to take sides, I just think that whomever she hangs with she should never talk about the opposing click to them.  I do hope Angelique realizes Shelly doesn’t have her back, Shelly just wants her in their click to outnumber the other girls.

The biggest question that still remains is “Why does Judi get to still be on the show after sucker punching Shelly in her face”?  What is so good about Judi that makes her stay.  That is not okay for her to get away with it and nobody else can.  I guarantee if Shelly had punched her first, Shelly would have been gone.  So if anybody can explain this to me please leave a comment.

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One thought on “Bad Girls Club S7- It Never Ends

  1. well if yu look back at the fight between shelly and judi shelly pushed her she almost causing her to loose her balance she reacted by swinging it just so happen to be her face that met force with the punch!!! so she shouldnt be off of the show

    Posted by Anonymous | October 31, 2011, 2:46 pm

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