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Downsized – Welcoming Cody

Episode:  The Other Side of The Glass

I caught up on Downsized and although the jury is still out on how I fully feel about the show, I do have a few things to point out.  Therefore, I’m guessing whomever reads this blog, knows who the cast members are.  Lets go!

Cody coming back is beautiful, but Laura doesn’t seem to make it very easy for Cody to feel entirely welcomed.  Laura has her thought of Cody moving back, but Laura was jumping the gun in a negative manner.  Cody was a troubled child, but hello?, he watched his father walk away from him on “The Other Side of The Glass”!  It’s clear he didn’t have that fatherly hand to guide him up to his young adult life the way he probably visioned.  Laura has not come right out and said “I don’t want him here”.  At the same time it does seem that she is focusing more on the negative aspects which highly includes the past.  It could have helped if she had immediately had a talk with Cody to see how he was doing and to see what she could do to help his visit-transition smoother.

You can honestly see the differences between Laura and Cody which obviously puts Todd in a bad place.  I’m sure if they give Cody some guidance, and my goodness a chance to prove that he is a changed man, that things could have been much better.  Cody was certainly trying without even knowing he was doing it.  Especially when he was encouraging Levi to stay focused in school, which is a great thing for a big brother to do.  Cody regrets not focusing in school and doesn’t want his brother to make the same mistake he made educationally.

I really couldn’t believe that Laura didn’t see that her negative responses toward Cody was offensive to Todd.  We certainly saw how she jumped on Todd when he was (by right) disciplining Danielle for disrespect in the “Divorce Drama” episode.

Finally, Laura got it!  She went to the shooting range with the family, which was a planned family trip by Cody.  She actually enjoyed herself too!  She realized its better to work for the cause instead of against the cause.  No question that Laura is a wonderful mother and loves all of her children, but sometimes we mothers want things to go our way and we push the wrong way!

The heart-to-heart with Todd and Cody was long overdue and an exceptional closure I’m sure, for Todd.  It seems Cody is looking for somewhere to belong, but at least now he knows, he has always belonged with the Bruce/Rumsey Family.  I mean for the record he always has a chair at the dinner table, even when he’s not there.

I was almost completely happy with the ending of this episode until Laura made the remark, in reference to the possibility of Cody moving in.  Her remark was made in so many words “that there would be conflict” if Cody moved in.  Laura!  Thinking negative brings negative energy!  Please let it rest and hope for the best!

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