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La La's Full Court Life

La La’s Full Court Life – Paparazzi Goes To Far

Episode Aired:  09/05/2011

I know being a celebrity comes with certain territory, but when does the Paparazzi go to far?  I don’t think it was right at all for the Paparazzi to continue to take pictures of La La and Carmelo’s son Kiyan who was clearly irritated.  Do they not realize this is a baby?  I think it is sick that they care more about a dollar bill than the best interest of a child.  I thought it was a messed up move on their part and I think it should be against the law.

I credit La La for turning the cameras away so that she could sooth her son.  I just don’t think this is something she should have to do.  Paparazzi need to learn their place or at least put themselves in entertainers shoes.  I don’t think anyone wants someone to take advantage of their children for money.

On a good note, congratulations for the entire Anthony family for the move to New York!  It’s definitely going to be a lifestyle change, because New Yorkers’ are much more aggressive.  I wish their family happiness and safety on their new journey.  I also wish La La and Carmelo lots of luck on handling this ticket issue they are going through with family and friends, it’s got to be tough.

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