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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 17

ANTM – Cycle 17 – Summary of Results & Guest Only!

The following list is the Results and Past guest ONLY for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17.  If you don’t want full details and just want to see guest judges, guest photographers, guest advisers, who was eliminated or who got Photo of the Week only, this is the page for you. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like ListenSpeak to put on the “Results” page.

Episode aired:  09/21/2011


1. Nicki Minaj  2. Ashlee Simpson 3. Kristin Cavallari 4. Anthony E. Zuiker


1. Mr. Jay 2. Martin Lindstrom – Global Branding Expert/Author 3. Mario Lopez 4.  Lisa Gavales


1. Celeste Canino 2. Ricky Middlesworth 3. Sarah Silver 4. Alvaro Goveia


1. Isis 2. Lisa 3.S Allison 3.US Alexandria 4. Angelea

Note:  There are two #3’s because they took pictures in pairs 3.S is the person with the best picture from the Safe Group with immunity and 3US is the person with the best picture from the Unsafe Group without immunity.


1. Brittany & Alexandrea 2. Kayla & Sheena 3. Isis & Angelea 4. Lisa & Camille


1. Brittany 2. Sheena 3. Isis 4. Camille

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