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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore – Get Off The Roller Coaster!

I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick of the Roller Coasters going up and down, up and down, up and down!  When I say this I am speaking of the roller coaster rides that a few cast members of Jersey Shore is on.

Ronnie and Sammi are good people, they are absolutely great!  However, it is no surprise to anyone in the WORLD that Ronnie and Sammi are not good together!  Their relationship in Ronnie’s words, not healthy, in my words TOXIC! This is nothing that is new.  They have never been good together and why they continue to punish themselves on this Roller Coaster is ridiculous.  Love has set-backs, but love should never hurt and in this case not the majority of the time.  I am hoping Ronnie and Sammi, would get off the Roller Coaster for a last and FINAL time!

Snooki is in love with what seems to be an insecure individual.  I am not saying he is a bad guy.  What I am saying is he might love her but he has trust and communication issues.  It seems, he says things that hurt her and if you love someone whatever you say to that person is positive words. He hurts her feelings every time they are on the phone.  Snooki continues to be on a Roller Coaster and admits to him she is trying to change.  It is very unfair to Snooki that she feels she has to change herself to please someone else.  Snooki needs to realize if you change something about yourself, let it be because you want to change that something for yourself and to better yourself.  I am also hoping Snooki gets off of the Roller Coaster too!

I would suggest the Ferris Wheel, it is a smoother ride in a perfect circle and you can look at the person next to you without hitting bumps, scary dips and sudden hard curves.

I’m SMarchel and blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!



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