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Dance Moms

Dance Moms – Fun For The Moms – Girls Let Down

Episode aired:  09/08/2011

For once, the mom’s relaxed and did not argue with each other.  It was wonderful to see the moms kick back doing Ski Shots, relaxing in the pool and simply enjoying Sin City.  Speaking of Sin City, the first thing that was a sin was when Abby Lee had a big red slash on Vivi-Anne’s picture.  Really uncalled for and we have to remember, it is Vivi’s mother that is causing the problems, therefore, it is no reason to make Vivi look like the bad girl.  It was not appropriate for the girls to see because they will have that stamp in their heads of a 6-year-old innocent girl with a red slash across her face.

It was a little peculiar that Chloe was Envy.  It seemed to be a cheap shot, but Abby Lee didn’t claim it. Abby is putting the wrong kind of pressure on Chloe by comparing her with Maddie.  Chloe should be pushed to be the best dancer she can be, period!  I’m so glad that Christi had the intimate talk with Chloe to let her know in so many words that being in her own skin is a wonderful thing and she is very proud of her daughter.  Christi also did an excellent job in approaching Abby about how she treats Chloe.  It does seem that Abby is picking on Chloe because she doesn’t like Christi, and maybe their talk will slow Abby’s role on speaking so harshly to Chloe.

Cathy is still hard to figure out.  They showed her at her dance studio and although she explained to the mother’s that she took Vivi to Abby Lee’s for more experience, she decided to bring Vivi back.  She claims that she doesn’t know why Abby Lee’s girls are winning and in the same announcement, she said Abby Lee’s girls have technical issues.  That was very contradicting. What she didn’t say was, she wasn’t a team player and her daughter was not winning competitions because of it.  Which makes me believe that Cathy was at Abby Lee’s studio to learn how Abby instructs her dance students, so she can compete against her.

Another thing that was ridiculous is Vivi had not been dancing at Candy Apples Dance Center in months, but she is one of the three dancers performing in California.  Are you kidding me?  This is the reason why I can’t figure Cathy out.  Obviously the California competition is too big for Vivi, but Cathy thinks Vivi is one of the top dancer at her studio.  Cathy is in denial and I can’t wait to see the performances of her students.

The girls did a performance entitled “Sinful”. They placed 7th place for the performance.  The girls are phenomenal performers, but Abby must learn that teams divided cannot win.  The division and disagreements, with Abby Lee, the Moms, and the Girls is what is affecting their performances. The first step that Abby Lee may consider to fix it, is not to discuss her issues with the moms directly in front of or to the girls.  These girls love their mother and how can you expect excellence from girls that feel you are trashing their moms?

The mom’s had fun and the girls were let down, but understand they should not feel they were let down because of their performances, because they did their best with the issues at hand.  They were let down by the negative pressure from their Dance Instructor.  Abby Lee is one of the best coaches in the country however, her etiquette on dealing with her clients is poor.

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3 thoughts on “Dance Moms – Fun For The Moms – Girls Let Down

  1. So excited that Christi retweeted this blog! I must be doing something right! Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about my blogs. Thanks

    Posted by smarchel | September 10, 2011, 4:45 pm
  2. You know how people tell Abby Lee’s kids they have perfectly executed performances? Well, this is a perfectly executed piece of work!

    Posted by Megan Ciarleglio | September 10, 2011, 6:01 pm
    • Megan: Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment. I really enjoy doing these pieces. Unfortunately, I have to tell it like I see it and the people I blog about get mad. I mean nothing personally towards them, I just talk about what everybody else has seen on the same episode. I hope you can subscribe, to get all my updates. Thanks

      Posted by smarchel | September 10, 2011, 6:27 pm

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