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Hill Harper – Letter from a “Mother of a Young Brother”

Dear Hill:

I was seeing signs of my son becoming self-destructive.  He got so frustrated when things didn’t just come as easy to him as it came all of his life until he got to college.  He wanted to quit college so many times, he even got to the point where he was disrespecting me, and that was not acceptable.

On one of my many trips to the book store, I saw one of your books, “Letters To A Young Brother:  Manifest Your Destiny”.  I read the book and I even listened to the book via audio. I loved your book, but one of the many chapters that caught my eye was “Letter 6 – Quitting versus Changing Your Mind”.  After I read your book I gave it to my son.  I tweeted this to you and told you and to my surprise you responded by tweeting back “The Best Thanksgiving present I could get”.  I was very delighted.

My son graduated from college, but it just seemed that the son I raised was not the son who came home from school.  I was feeling so helpless, because over the years, I was always able to help my son.  I couldn’t help him this time.  I went on twitter and was asking different influential men for advice as well as help, because I was desperate.  To my surprise there it was, an incoming email from you, Mr. Hill Harper, telling me to send my contact information.  I was shocked, because I didn’t think in a million years I would get a response, however, I was hoping I would.

To make a long story short, thank you for reaching out to my son and my cry for help with him.  I am very grateful and I want you to know that as a mother of four children, I will go to any limits to make sure my children are happy.  The voicemail you left on my phone on 02/21/2011at 6:58 p.m. ( below I still have the voicemail as a pleasant reminder) let me know that God will put people in your life with good reason.

Hill your taking time out of your busy schedule, to reach out to my son and me, means a lot because I have taught my son how to be a gentlemen and to never quit but I know it is an impossibility for me to teach him how to be a man.  Although he has had men in our family that are good men, he didn’t seem to cling-on to them.  I really hoped that a positive man could impact my son so he could look up to them and who’s judgment and advice, I knew as his mother I would trust.  I have always had a respect for your work and I am happy to say you are now my son’s “nonverbal mentor”.

My son is doing so much better, but he still has a little ways to go, however, he’s smiling, he goes to work everyday, he bought his own new car, he’s back in school, working on his Master’s Degree.  He still has his struggles, but I always tell him, “Without struggle, there is no appreciation for success”.  He is on a positive track as of now and I pray everyday that it continues.

Thank you!

Mother of a Young Brother

Response from Hill Harper

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3 thoughts on “Hill Harper – Letter from a “Mother of a Young Brother”

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