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BTD: Laurieann Gibson

BTD: Laurieann Gibson – Push Full of Love

Episode aired:  9/13/2011

I was really skeptical in watching “Born to Dance: Laurieann Gibson”, because the last time I saw Laurieann instructing dance was on “Making the Band”.  In the last show I witnessed her on, Laurieann and Puffy got into a heated argument and she left the show abruptly.  I thought she was someone playing a tough role but it seemed that she was taking cheap shots at the same time and being full of herself.  She was rough and I know you have to make your students get the fact that if you do not deliver you will not succeed.  I just thought Laurieann lacked something, I just didn’t know what.

I finally decided to watch the show and saw so many girls from every walk of life, audition for “Born To Dance”.  My heart really went out to a lot of these women, going after their dreams, and risking a lot to do it.  Leaving their jobs, their families and especially life as they knew it and some wanted to forget.  While on this journey I watched girls falter, I watched girls lose confidence.  Up to present, I watched girls grow, mature not just as dancers, but as women.

A pleasant surprise, is that Laurieann is still that tough instructor that was on Making the Band.  However, the “something” that I couldn’t figure out she lacked, but not seeing, came to the forefront.  What I am talking about is Passion.  Laurieann is one of the baddest in her business, but she used to come off too harsh.  I can see the love and passion that Laurieann has for these women.  Maybe, because she used to be in their shoes, looking for that first big break and working her butt off to do it.  Whatever the case I think it is wonderful, I have so much respect for Laurieann and I am very happy to see another side to her.  Not to mention she has the help of her two outstanding assistants (Richard and Peanut) and might I say myself Richard is a “Beast” and Peanut is the “Force”!  Hopefully we can find out more about the both of them.

She instructs and critiques these women, but she doesn’t take their pride away.  She keeps them motivated even after cutting them from the show.  She encourages them to continue their journey.  She continues to push them but she is pushing full of love for them to do better and be better.  It is bittersweet also, when Laurieann comes to tears when she has to say goodbye to these girls, that she has grown to love.  It’s that human side of her and it is a beautiful side to her.  She has truly shown that she is “Not Your Typical Girl”

Can’t wait til the finale, but I do want to say Jessica, Jahleeka and Quiana, “Take a bow, you ladies did a phenomenal job”!  Also congrats to LaTonya, KC and Hennessy for the Lady Gaga Gig!!

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