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Bad Girls Club Season 7

BGC: From The Runway to the Ring

Bad Girls Club S7 – Episode Aired:  09/12/2011

If you cannot handle your liquor then you should not drink liquor.  It doesn’t surprise me when a Bad Girl get’s arrested however, it does surprise me when a Bad Girl cries when she get’s arrested.  Shelly was crying and saying she has never been in trouble before, then that means Shelly cannot possibly be a Bad Girl in full terms.  To top it off, Shelly was the person who got the whole drink-throwing episode started.

Angie keeps saying she is going to keep coming at Tiara, but a little advice, if you keep getting beat up, you should not keep going back.  They are not sad that Angie is no longer in their group.  Angie just seems full of herself at this point.  Also, Angie should realize her real girls which Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla are acting like, would have told her “Girl slow your role because you keep losing”.  I mean dang, a cat has 9-lives and Angie is down 3-lives with Tiara.

The girls did a good job on the runway; however, Angie should not have been chewing gum.  I do appreciate the fact that they had a great time doing it.  Too bad all the girls were not on board with their excitement.

After the fashion show you could cut the tension with a knife in the limo.  Staci, Tiara and Judi were out of their element.  I give them props for being silent rather than starting an argument.  However, in the restaurant, I think they just should have gone somewhere else to be comfortable rather than uncomfortable.  The separation was so apparent. It’s hard watching the division.

Hopes are that Angie is not caught up in a situation when Tasha, Shelly and Priscilla, to make it four against three, are just using her.  Hiding the eggs obviously is only going to make things worse, but again people who do things like that, really don’t want to throw hands.  Which is obvious when Priscilla blatantly lies to Staci by telling her she threw the eggs away instead of standing by what she did which was hiding them in their rooms to stink the room!

Clearly, Angie was speaking in the strip loud enough for the other girls to hear her.  I was just wondering is she acting tough to impress her new crew or does she really want to get at Tiara?  Whatever the case Tiara had enough of Angie talking in riddles and loud enough for her to hear and called her out and they went to blows, again.  Angie had several scratches on her face, so I’m sure this isn’t over.  However, Tasha tells Angie to basically put Tasha in the hospital if she is prepared to go home, which planning to do serious bodily harm to someone, is a crime.  A good friend would say she is not worth it and to let it go, so this shows that Tasha could care less about Angie.  Also, if they are planning something like that, it also is admission to losing the previous fights the first four times now your down 4-lives.  I’m just saying…

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