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The T.O. Show

T.O. Show – Roses Don’t Mean a Thing

Episode aired:  9/12/2011

The roses from Joe were a shocker. They were beautiful, but Kita didn’t seem moved at all!  I was sooo hoping they were from Jeff.  I’m glad Kita kept it moving.  I was hoping she didn’t let it get her down and out.

John Salley, is definitely a breath of fresh air.  It seems he can always get everybody laughing that surrounds him.  Kita, a word of advice “don’t ever show nobody what you working with (TED), keep it well hidden, because it might come up missing the same as if you discuss your man with someone else”.  I’m just saying…lol.

Kudos for Kita on stepping out of her box in the bathing suit competition.  She looked great!  I’m so glad that Mo supported her in doing that.  Now I’m ready for Mo to let her hair down a little too.  After all she always doing her mommy/wifey/professional thing so she certainly deserves some “me-time”.

When Kita meets with Joe is totally up to her.  I know that T.O. and Mo meant well, but clearly Kita doesn’t want to share how she choses to handle the situation at this point.  We know Joe is married, but we really don’t know what the story is around that, however, it really isn’t our business.  The fact remains, he is married and I don’t think Kita has to talk to Joe on his terms; it should certainly be on her own terms.

It still breaks my heart when the three of them argue.  They love each other so much, but again because of that love we know they fall-out and fall-in!

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