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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 17

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 17 – Episode 1

Episode aired:  09/14/2011

JUDGING PANEL:  Tyra Banks Nigel Barker Andre’ Leon Talley

GUEST JUDGE:  Nicki Minaj

PHOTO SHOOT THEME: Embodying their personalities that became famous on their former cycles.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Celeste Canino

PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS: (# represents their previous cycle)

Shannon Ratliff (1) – Angelic  Camille McDonald (2) – Diva Brittany Bower (4) – Party Girl Bre Skullark (5) – Ghetto Fab Lisa D’Amato (5) – Wild Child Bianca Golden (9) – Loud and Sassy Dominique Reighard (10) – Masculine/Feminine Sheena Sakai (11) – Harlem but not Hoochie Isis King (11) – Confidence Allison Harvard (12) – Quirky Doll Laura Kirkpatrick (13) – Country Cutie Angelea Preston (14) – Girl from the Hood Kayla Ferrel (15) – Proud Lesbian Alexandria Everett (16) – Tough California Girl


  • Angelea doesn’t care for Bianca.
  • Bianca doesn’t like Camille.
  • Isis announced she had reassignment surgery.
  • Dominique just had a baby girl this year and named her Bre’.
  • Shannon refused to pose in the lace bottoms because they looked like lingerie and it’s against her morals but she did the shot in a pair of bikini bottoms…go figure!
  • Bianca went from getting her hair shaved in her cycle 9 to getting long red highlights in this recent photo shoot and she is not happy.
  • The first judging was live at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live.
  • Alexandria got booed during the live panel judging.



  1. Brittany Bower because her photo was not super strong.  The crowd somewhat remembered her and somewhat didn’t remember her.
  2. Alexandria Everett because the crowd booed her and that made the judges wonder if they made a mistake bringing her back.

ELIMINATED:  Brittany Bower


  • Andre’ Leon Talley is an excellent addition with the judges.
  • Nicki Manaj really had an eye for critiquing the models.  She did a great job!
  • The live audience should not have been considered in the judging process because they represent only a small portion of the viewers and fans.
  • Hoping the girls don’t tear each other down trying to further themselves.
  • This season, a little less drama and more productive content would be great!
  • Nigel should cut his hair low again.
  • Mr. Jay and Ms. “J” are always a pleasure to watch!

Click the following for:  Summary of Results and Guest Only! for Cycle 17.

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