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Dance Moms

Dance Moms – Less Dance and More Ego

Episode aired:  09/14/2011

This blog breaks my heart because the real losers in this episode, was certainly the dancers.  The bad behavior displayed especially from Cathy and Abby Lee was certainly rude and ignorant.  It wasn’t about dancing in today’s episode!

Paige was very uncomfortable with her new instructor.  That is a lot of pressure to put on a girl her age and crazy to expect her to learn a new routine in 1-day.  I know that it is all apart of the business, but at what cost?  Like Christi said, the girls crave to please their mothers and Abby Lee.  Therefore, Paige was afraid of disappointing Abby Lee.  On the flip side, it was rude for Abby to make the negative statements, almost wishing for Paige to fail so she can throw it in Kelly’s face.

Cathy putting her dancers on blast was silly, as if they were robots (Cathy telling her student, “Tell them the titles you have won”).  Are you kidding me!  Cathy looked ridiculous.  Belittling Abby Lee’s students’ and choreography was disgraceful. Let’s keep it real, Cathy took Vivi to Abby Lee’s studio because she knew Abby was one of the best.  Cathy was upset, when she realized she could not manipulate Abby Lee into doing what she wanted to do.  So what does Cathy do?  She tries to go head-to-head with Abby Lee’s dancers. It was juvenile and unprofessional of Cathy and Abby Lee to argue about titles and talents in front of their dancers.  Cathy should have never come into Abby Lee’s practice room, period!

What Kelly did with getting a choreographer was not bad parenting.  She was simply trying to do what she felt was best for her daughter.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with the choreographer and maybe Kelly should have waited until the next season.  That still is no reason to make her feel even worse, as Abby Lee displayed.

Cathy’s intentions should not be to rattle Abby Lee, her intentions should be to put the best work out, and represent Candy Apple’s Dance Company in a positive way.  To add insult to injury, Cathy is using the same music as Chloe!  This really assures that she certainly was trying to steal from Abby Lee with her time in their studio.  No worries because Chloe came in and blew that same song right out of the water with her beautiful performance, and Nia’s Killer “Death Drop” both made Cathy’s plan blow up in her face.

It’s not okay to argue, in front of the girls about who’s better.  Just take care of it on the floor!  Cathy lost the competition and couldn’t take the loss gracefully. She degraded Abby Lee and her dancers, and made herself look like a complete idiot!  Bickering and arguing in front of the girls is going to eventually mold them into thinking it’s okay!  It certainly has to stop, because in today’s show, it really was not about the dancing and them placing third proved that.  This show was about Cathy and Abby Lee’s vengeance and more so their egos’.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!



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