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Downsized – Welcome To The Real World

Episode aired:  9/13/2011

The Bruce/Rumsey family has  gotten the toughest dose of “Tough Love” they have ever seen.  I made both of my middle school children sit and watch this episode with me so that they can see, they are not the only kids in America to do chores.

There is 7-kids in a household which can create a lot of chaos when everyone is not carrying their own weight and being wasteful.  Todd and Laura agreed that the children were taking advantage of their generosity and got fed up.  Todd seemed to be ticked when he came home and the kitchen was a mess the living-room needed some picking up among other things.  The kids were not keeping up with chores and Todd was pissed.

He then told the children that they were going to in so many words “Pay-To-Stay”.  The kids took it lightly at first.  Heather even went into a little disrespectful tone by telling Todd to stop being a “little B*@ch”.  When the kids realized their personal money was being taken, and got a taste of the real world, is when it got serious.  Todd went as far as having the kids sleep in tents outside in the backyard.

The kids did finally kick into full gear and start doing the chores and getting a better understanding of money and respecting the fact that is everybody’s house, so everybody should treat the house with respect, by assisting in keeping the house in order.

Although, things got a little heated at times, the lesson was definitely learned.  I really love this family.  You can always expect the unexpected, with this family, but they certainly always seem to stick together.

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3 thoughts on “Downsized – Welcome To The Real World

  1. Here is what some people thought on twitter:

    AuNaturaleDC Mz.Sixx
    Wait…did Tom just call his kids “poor summa bishes”? Whew he mad #downsized
    22 minutes ago

    ColaColdWorld Nicole
    These kids on #downsized needs a little discipline…
    2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    thevalcat Valerie
    #downsized I think little Danielle is way too young to have to participate in the family activity & pay for toilet paper & sleep in a tent.
    1 hour ago

    LauraDownsized Laura Bruce
    They are starting to come around! Kids need to experience this.., not get lectured! #downsized
    2 hours ago

    Posted by smarchel | September 14, 2011, 12:46 am
  2. Stupid ass show! We have hit an all time low with reality TV because of this show. The Bruce family kind of makes me sick. They need to get control…no excuse for continuing to say that their family is just too big. You made your choices, get over it! Can’t stand this dumb show~ hope it gets cancelled soon!

    Posted by jen | September 14, 2011, 4:11 am

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