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TRHW of New Jersey

TRHW of New Jersey – Teresa’s Theatrics

Episode aired:  09/18/2011

The show started off with everyone packing to go Punta Cana, Dominican Republic the trip included the Gorgas, the Manzos (and their three kids), the Lauritas and the Wakiles (Greg met them there).  A vacation that Melissa planned in hopes of getting the family closer together, which was a great gesture.  Teresa had an entire suitcase filled with bikinis for a short trip, doing what we expect Teresa to do…over-pack!

I don’t know what it is about Teresa but it seems she always has to be the show stealer.  I am not taking anything from her parenting, She seems to be a really loving mom.  She just always has to have all of the attention.  You could even see it in Caroline’s face when Teresa did her bikini fashion show, that I don’t think anyone was interested in seeing.  Greg even said that the first bikini she tried on looked like a stripper’s outfit.  So that scene was all Teresa.

They go for a day on the water and Teresa danced around her irritation that Melissa looked just as good as her in a bikini, because the first thing Teresa said in commentary was that there was no competition. Melissa was competing but she certainly did give Teresa a run for her money, she looked great in her swimsuit.  Kathy did say there can only be one Princess of Punta Cana.  With that being said, Teresa didn’t win Princess of Punta Cana Swimwear Category.

The vacation seemed to have been going well until Kathy (Teresa’s first cousin) made the statement “I can’t see myself detaching myself from the kids that much,” agreeing with her husband on why they choose to stay in the catering business and not try to open a restaurant.  She simply had joined in on a conversation with Joe (Teresa’s husband), Al (Caroline’s husband) and Rich (Kathy’s husband), that regarded to Joe opening a restaurant.  Teresa just goes off on Kathy by replying she has no intention of detaching herself from her kids, and haven’t the Manzos’ managed to raise three kids while running a banquet hall? Then the cat fighting began.  Teresa just rips into Kathy, but I applaud Kathy for not backing down and for never raising her voice.  I also applaud Teresa because she did realize no one was taking sides with her (except Joe), so she left, and a lady always knows when to leave.  For the record, Kathy was not referring to what Teresa does with her kids, she was simply referring to herself.  Teresa just tends to take everything to heart, or maybe it’s a little guilt.  In the same conversation she thought Kathy called her a B*@ch, but Kathy did not.  It’s almost as if on one end Teresa is so concerned about how people feel about her on the other end she parades around and does ridiculous charades and could care less about what people think.  Her husband Joe, agrees with anything she does when it comes to other people, even if she is wrong.  So again another scene stealer for Teresa, but at what cost…looking silly when your wrong.

Again, Teresa is a loving mother and a very dedicated wife, however, she goes overboard to be noticed.  If you feel good about yourself you shouldn’t have to take those measures.  However, Teresa seriously needs to start reading some scripts, she would definitely make a great actress.  I would go and see a movie starring Teresa any day!

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