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Basketball Wives L.A.

Jackie Christie – Beautiful.com!

Episode aired:  09/19/2011

All the fights, all of the “who you don’t likes”, all of the “she this she that”, and all the “who coming and who not”, did not matter in today’s episode.  Today’s episodes was a dedication to Jackie Christie and I must say in my opinion she is the only one that was news worthy in today’s episode.

Jackie has been married to Doug Christie for 16 years and renewing her vows for 15 years.  My hats off to her, because it shows that her and her husband are still as in love with each other as they were in the 1st year.  They support each other in a very touching way.  So I understand her statement “If you’re always planning weddings, then you don’t have time to plan a divorce”.

Jackie really wanted her mom to be her Maid of Honor, unfortunately her mother could not come due to her battle with cancer.  However, Jackie’s daughter was able to be with her grandmother so she could see Jackie’s wedding via Skype.

Jackie wore a beautiful black dress and looked simply gorgeous. This episode was truly a tear jerking especially as Doug talked about trials and tribulations that he has been through with his wife that included the loss of his mom.  It was simply beautiful.  It’s funny how when Jackie was teared up Doug was her rock and when Doug was teared up Jackie was his rock, it was just nice to watch how they back each other up.

This is one of the episodes that was a pleasure to watch.  Props to Wade he did what he said he was going to do, he planned a wedding in little or no time.  I wish nothing but the best for Jackie and Doug!

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