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Bad Girls Club Season 7

BGC: An Eye 4 An Eye

Bad Girls Club Season 7 – Episode aired:  09/19/2011

The division is still very strong.  It would have been nice to see the girls find a way to get along.  It’s sad that every week the girls are in these unnecessary altercations.  It’s The Bad Girls Club, but when are the ladies going to start taking steps to get their lives in order?  That has definitely not been seen thus far.

Priscilla was in commentary ranting no one has enough guts to admit to putting the roach in her bed. How different is that from her not admitting that she hid Staci’s eggs.  Maybe she considers herself having guts because she lied to Staci and told her that she threw the eggs away because they were spoiled.

Judi was still up to her antics.  She has made it very clear that she wants Priscilla out of the house.  She starts working towards her cause by drawing the picture of a penis and taping the picture of the penis in the mouth of the picture of Priscilla.  Priscilla is not happy and goes on to say her one-liner “Mess with the best you’ll go down with the rest”.  Priscilla is growing tired of the pranks.  Maybe because she is not the one doing them at this time.

Angie seems to be talking-the-talk but not walking-the-walk.  The reason being is because Shelly convinced her that they need to retaliate on Staci, because Angie realizes she attacked Tiara prematurely, realizing Staci is probably the person that messed her bed up.  So Shelly convinced her to take Staci’s bleach, pour it out and refill the bleach bottle with water.  However, when Angie attempts to do it, the idea backfires, because the bleach bottle doesn’t fit in the sink, so she decides to just put it in a hamper bend.

When Staci discovers the bleach is missing, Tiara finds it in the bend.  Staci is livid and is asking everyone who did it.  Tasha who really dislikes Staci gives Staci the runaround instead of simply saying, I didn’t do it.  I do feel that Staci could have been a little more calmer when asking, but Tasha just should have simply said she didn’t do it, so Staci could move on.  To prove, why Angie doesn’t walk-the walk, when Staci asks her did she do it, Angie flips out and says, she feels Staci always targets her when she knows she didn’t do it.  Really?  I smell a little fear.

Another stunt pulled was Shelly sabotaging Staci’s contacts, which could have been very dangerous.  Staci is livid again, but Shelly says she didn’t do it, although she admitted to the bleach incident, that she knew good and well, she didn’t do.  It is odd, that all of the girls can do these pranks, but no one wants to admit to what they did.

Judi did stand by something she did, she actually decided to give Priscilla breakfast in bed and poured a pot of cereal and milk on Priscilla as she slept in her bed.  When the cereal was thrown on Priscilla, there was no reaction, Priscilla was acting as if she was still sleep, but I really don’t think this could be possible to sleep through something like that.  My guess is Priscilla was thinking about whether she would get kicked out of the house if she jumped up and kicked the crap out of Judi.  To no avail, Priscilla did come out of the room, however, she was just talking, waiting for Judi to hit her first so she could go-to-town on Judi.  They got into a little hand-arm wrestling and then the fight started.

I’m sorry to say, Judi should have re-thought messing with Priscilla because it didn’t look like Judi was winning the fight.  She did get a good kick in right before the camera’s stopped rolling.  The suspense is on until next week to see how it ends.

The only good that came out of this episode was Angie and Tiara making up, even though it probably will not last.  One annoying thing that sticks out is when Tasha again, says that everybody wants to be like her.  It would be good to know the reasons why Tasha feels that way.

Next week it looks like Judi is going to certainly lose the fight.  Therefore, the suspense is not going to be on who wins the fight, the suspense is going to be on who is going home!

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