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BTD: Laurieann Gibson

Born To Dance: Laurieann Gibson: “Finale”

Episode aired:  09/20/2011

It was wonderful to watch a show that didn’t have women trying to break one another down.  Don’t get me wrong they were totally focused on advancing themselves, but they didn’t downplay someone in order to win.  I find that very refreshing!

The finale started with the three finalist (LaTonya, Hennessy, and KC) standing before Laurieann, Richard and Peanut to hear agenda details.  Thrilled to find out they would be dancing on stage with Lady Gaga doing the very routine that they have been doing day in and day out and the very dance that determined them to become the three finalist.  They would be performing in the “Monster Ball Concert”, doing the Pokerface routine.  From this performance, “Ms. BoomKack” will be determined.

Laurieann goes on to individually give tips to each girl, on what they need to focus on during the performance.  She then introduced them to the Monster Ball dancers.  They proceeded to practice the performance with the dancers that even included Richard.  Richard is the truth!  He stood there while they were performing and then he vibes in like no other, doing his thing and making the routine look so effortless but amazing.

Later the girls joined Laurieann at her place for dinner.  Laurieann even did the honors of ordering the food, which she joked about.  The dinner was tearful as Laurieann told of living her dream with Born To Dance and her career.  She also told the girls they were different but special in their own way.  Laurieann saluted the girls with gratitude, appreciation and motivation, in a way that was so special I don’t think is was a dry eye in the room.  Although I am not a dancer I certainly understand why KC stated “When you work with Laurieann you don’t want to work with anyone else”.  Laurieann is so genuine and it seems she would be an absolutely great friend.

The day of the concert, the girls are in the van practicing, on the way to the location.  Witnessing them bond with each other, shows how much confidence they have gained being on Born To Dance.  They don’t seemed intimidated by one another, they are just focused on giving the performance of their lives.

The girls are waiting around, trying to keep their nerves from getting the best of them.  Laurieann escorts them into a dressing room where the girls think they are going to get that final pep talk.  They entered the room and who was sitting there?  None other than Lady Gaga herself accompanied by her Manager, Vincent Hubert (married to Tamar Braxton).  Lady Gaga gave the girls a very inspirational talk, that was so touching.  She told the girls Laurieann was an inspirational leader and what she has to offer is so much bigger.  As she continued, Laurieann became overwhelmed and had to excuse herself from the room, when she later returned she expressed that moment is one of the proudest moments of her career.  Lady Gaga simply told the girls “Leave your souls on the dance floor”, she even gave the girls the opportunity to shine by telling them to follow her after the performance and get that final “BoomKack” in with her.  How cool is that?

The performance started with Lady Gaga being selfless and telling her SOLD OUT Atlanta crowd about the three finalist that were to perform with her later on in the show.  After that the girls got on stage and did exactly what Lady Gaga told them to do.  They left their souls on the dance floor!  All three girls looked like they had been on tour with GaGa forever!  The girls displayed that they were Born To Dance.

The moment we had been waiting for all of these weeks had arrived!  The girls came into the rehearsal room to find out who will be Ms BoomKack.  They were all thrilled that there was no more Blue Wall.  I don’t know what anybody else thinks, but this was one of those moments, where you hoped they changed their minds and decided to keep them all.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  KC said she crawled for her life, Hennessy said she wasn’t afraid to stand next to Lady GaGa and LaTonya said you can make a choice to be open and it’s gratifying.  Richy added that the girls were amazing and Peanut concluded telling the girls they showed up and showed out!

Laurieann finally announced who the winner of the $50k and Ms BoomKack title.  LaTonya was the winner!  From “dancing small”, to dancing with Lady Gaga, LaTonya was pegged Ms. BoomKack.  The Maryland native says that it was a dream come true and the ultimate confirmation.  Not to forget she says she is going to take care of her mother.  The great thing is KC and Hennessy were sincerely happy for LaTonya.  I’m willing to bet we haven’t seen the last of KC or Hennessy.

Congratulations to LaTonya and congratulations to Laurieann for letting us share while she took following her dreams to another level in her career.

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6 thoughts on “Born To Dance: Laurieann Gibson: “Finale”

  1. wanting to know the song the finalists performed on stage with Lady Gaga

    Posted by Anonymous | October 12, 2011, 11:22 pm
  2. I am always thought about this, regards for posting.

    Posted by Sandy | October 20, 2011, 5:49 pm
    • I went to her coernct on May 5th! I love the view you had in the coernct and the audio. The theater you were in had a capacity of 20,000 people and the stadium where I went had a capacity of 100,000 people so I didn’t had a nice view at all even thought I was in the area in front of the stage! I had to get out due to the excessive amount of people Anyways, I had a different view of Lady Gaga before her coernct, now I totally love her.

      Posted by Raul | January 29, 2013, 6:13 am

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