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The T.O. Show

The T.O. Show – No Cutz & Curlz


Kita and Moe kissed and made up and now have an understanding to leave Kita’s love life alone.  Then to business as usual.  Moe gets a job possibility with Derrick, an old friend as a Radio Personality for 99Jams.  It may seem like a contradiction of Moe being in Florida, but Moe sees it as an opportunity to help out the threesome with the financial issues that Terrell is going through right now.  It’s definitely strategic and not just for Moe’s own personal purposes.

T.O. is trying to create new ideas for his barbershop, T.O. Cutz with Peter, the co-owner.  Dj’s and car wash ideas are thrown at him by the staff, not appealing to Terrell, but at least everybody has got their creative juices flowing.  T.O. even tries to step into their daily duties by posing as the receptionist for a call.

T.O. goes to the radio station with Moe and tries to school Moe by taking over the mic.  He did his thing, however, I really think that Moe could have done a better job had Terrell not been staring her down.  We all know that Moe can speak, I think she was just caught off guard with her dear friend and employer standing there watching her.

The girls take T.O. on a field trip to a high-end Salon to show him the prices that women pay to be beautiful.  T.O. realizes that there would have to be 10x more haircuts to make the money that women make in one sitting, especially when it comes to weaves.  However, Terrell doesn’t seem convinced quite yet.

T.O.’s guardian angels (Kita & Moe) were doing a little blocking and tackling by going to see Peter with a group of hair stylist to try to convince Peter how they could make more money, by turning the barbershop into T.O.’s Cutz & Curls.  Peter was a little rattled and had a bit of a tantrum.  He exploded on the girls telling them T.O. gives them to much say-so.  He then abruptly ends the conversation to take care of his client.

Ultimately T.O. talks to Peter about what transpired with him and the girls and a decision was made.  There would be no T.O. Cutz & Curls.  Terrell pretty much wants to keep the Barbershop in the “Mancave” world.  He however, didn’t say that the girls idea wasn’t a good idea.  Unisex Barber Shops/Hair Salons combined are definitely successful across the map.  Maybe they can open up another shop with that concept, it would be a sure win!

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