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Bad Girls Club Season 7

Bad Girls Club – Priscilla Leaves with a Bang

Episode Aired:  09/26/2011

Caution!  You may get dizzy reading this blog due to the drama from start to finish!

The fight continues and Judi cannot seem to get off the floor, she has lost the fight to Priscilla!  Looks like a patch of her hair was pulled out too!  Priscilla is like a pit bull and she is tearing Judi up as Tasha throws in a cheap shot by kicking Judi.  Staci gets in Tasha’s face and then Tiara gets into it as well, warning Staci to let them fight one-on-one.  While all that is happening, Priscilla is pulverizing Judi to pieces.  So certainly, Priscilla is definitely going home with a big bang!  This round certainly went to Priscilla.  Tasha referred to the fight as spilled milk but that was a whole cow! I assumed Priscilla was the calm before the storm and she certainly proved me right.  In the meantime, Shelly who’s supposed to have Priscilla’s back, slept through the whole thing.  Seriously?

Priscilla gets the call from the producers that she has to go home.  She tells them that Judi got into her face, but clearly Priscilla threw the first punch.  In commentary, Priscilla said if you mess with her she will show you what she is working with so Priscilla literally left the house with a bang!  Judi fessed up to getting beat up.  Tiara says you win some you lose some, but of course she had her own choice of words.  Judi even admitted to being scared.  It’s sad to see the damage that is done to Judi’s face, busted lip, lumps on her head, missing hair, so unbelievable!

The next day, Shelly is crying because Priscilla is gone.  Tasha and Angie fill her in and Tasha leaves out her cheap shot (kick) she did to Judi.  Shelly is putting threats out on Judi to sleep with one eye opened among other things.

Nikki, Staci’s friend from New Orleans visits the house and they go out and end up in the same club with Tasha, Angie and Shelly.  Although you don’t have to be invited to a club, Shelly took claim to a booth and a bottle and doesn’t appreciate Nikki being there but she doesn’t do anything about it.

Later that night, Shelly tell Judi ”Keep that flower covering your busted off weave” is what started more drama and Shelly was talking to her girlfriend to get pumped up.  Shelly had many opportunities to fight Judi and didn’t take them because she was scared.  Now that she knows little Miss Priscilla beat Judi up, she wants to come after Judi.  A Bad Girl Takes Any Opportunity they have to kick somebody’s butt no matter what!  To that Shelly is a coward.  Mad that your friend got sent home but pretending to sleep through a fight with security and producers running everywhere is bull, odds are she was afraid she may have had to fight.


Shelly gets off the phone and rushes towards Judi.  Tasha sends Angie to get Shelly and it’s a hollering match. Angie is getting tired as everybody else, of Shelly and Judi constantly at each others throats.  Staci keeps Shelly from attacking Judi, claiming Judi is her friend and she will not let Shelly attack her.  Shelly is mad and tries to get through Staci unsuccessfully.  Shelly is also mad that Angie talks to Tiara. Blah, Blah Blah!


Shelly, Tasha and Angie go to get their nails done and talk about how fake the other three girls are as they get their fake acrylic nails done.

The new Bad Girl, 22-year-old, Cheyenne of Austin, Texas enters the house. Cheyenne says she is blunt and will always tell you what she is thinking.  Angie tells Cheyenne she has to get used to complaints because Tasha complains a lot, Shelly is a lesbian and she cool.  What a wonderful housewarming of Angie explaining her so-called friends.  The girls get her initiated by doing shots and Cheyenne unknowingly drinking liquor while the other girls are drinking water, pulling the old switcheroo!

When Tasha and Shelly get home they don’t even come to the kitchen to say hello to Cheyenne they continue right upstairs.  Tasha and Shelly finally come downstairs and give Cheyenne a dry hello and Tasha immediately asks who put the trash in her room and Staci admits that she did it because she was sick of walking past it.  Tasha starts ranting and then Staci does what she did to Shelly in an earlier episode, threw her drink in Tasha’s face.  Her mission has started to get Tasha out of the house.

Tasha does nothing and Tasha says Staci is trying to impress Cheyenne.  Staci mugs Tasha in the face twice with no retaliation from Tasha.  Cheyenne is betting on Staci.  Tasha claims she will not fight her because she doesn’t want to go home and that she is too classy for that.  This is the same so-called classy girl who gave Judi a cheap shot during Judi’s fight with Priscilla.  Then Tasha’s broken record starts of Staci being jealous of her.

The girls go out again and Tiara is not so stellar as a pole performer but she did get a few dollars.  Judi is pissed that Angie is talking to Staci. I do give Cheyenne props for not letting anyone convince her who to talk to or be with.  At least those props are for this episode.

Shelly and Angie moved Judi’s bed out of the room into what she called the whore room.  Judi and Angie get into it and Shelly starts protecting Judi from Angie with the same interference she asked Staci not to do with her.  Judi is ranting and Staci is at her limit because Judi is drunk and talking crazy and ultimately puts Judi out of the room. Staci just writes Judi off and brings Judi to tears.

Next week I think I may cut and paste the previous weeks show to the Bad Girls Club blog, because this shows seem to be the same every week, all drama and no progress.  I am exhausted!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



3 thoughts on “Bad Girls Club – Priscilla Leaves with a Bang

  1. Judi got exactly what she asked for. I’m not sure how else someone is supposed to react after getting a bowl of cereal dumped on not only them but their bed. I can’t say that I blame Priscilla very much for her reaction. I didn’t care for Judi’s antics, personally i thought throwing cereal was just a bit immature and perhaps Judi got what she deserved. Arguably the most intense altercation that the Bad Girls Club house has ever seen from any season! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next Monday because this season is much more entertaining than season 6! Most of the time I’m not at home to catch the latest episode, so I went ahead and signed up for the Sling Adapter with my DISH Network employee account so that I can tune in while I’m traveling. I can watch live and pre-recorded content and I don’t even have to be at home to do so. Just like Oxygen is home of the Bad Girl’s Club, DISH Network is home to TV Everywhere and innovation that keeps its customers wanting more.

    Posted by christopher.deherrer@dishnetwork.com | October 19, 2011, 9:14 pm


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