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The T.O. Show

The T.O. Show – Sweet Home Alabama

Episode aired:  09/26/2011

Terrell prepared for a long-awaited trip to “Sweet Home Alabama”, for his cousin Tony’s wedding.  He breaks out with his red shoes for the wedding and Kita jokes that his Swagger game will go from a 10 to a 2 with the shoes.  T.O. explains in a roundabout way, where he is from it’s not about the glamour or the glitz.

T.O. is reluctant about going home to Alexander City, Alabama because he has to tell his family about his financial issues.  He also feels guilt because he failed to tell his mom of his knee surgery.  The girls are shocked that he hasn’t told his mother, but I’m sure he didn’t want his mom to worry.  No good son ever wants his mother to worry!

He decides to donate his furniture from his Atlanta home he purchased in 1997 when he played for the 49ers, that is now up for sale.   The furniture will benefit people who lost their homes in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado that occurred in April 2011.  Kita and Mo set up a meeting for Terrell to be introduced to Donna with Habitat for Humanity who graciously thanked him for his donation.  As a bonus he meets a family that the sale of his furniture will benefit.  All proceeds from the sale of his home will go towards building people homes in Tuscaloosa, AL that lost everything.

T.O. arrives to his cousin’s home and Tony really seemed happy to reminisce on his good times with Terrell.  He lets Terrell know that he was always the lifeline of the family.  Terrell is happy that Tony has found someone he loves and wants to share the rest of his life with.  Tony lets Terrell know he knows it’s got to be a struggle with carrying the weight of his family for almost 15-years.  Terrell is wearing his emotions on his sleeve and he has always done what close-knit families do automatically….they take care of their own.

Terrell belted a heart-felt and unplanned speech dedicated to his family, which seemed to temporarily take his mind off of his issues.  Terrell seemed like his heart was hurting but his selflessness provided his favorite cousin, Tony to have his time to shine.

In T.O.’s words “eccentric” was the right choice of words to describe his cousin’s wedding. It began with African dance, reflecting Tony and Inez’s Afrocentric personalities.  It’s amazing how family can make your worries shift to the wayside.  Terrell was surrounded with people who were with him when the material things were not there and who didn’t care about what he has now.  It was beautiful to watch.

The day after the wedding, Terrell went to visit his mom, Ms. Marilyn and explained to her how a friend of his got ahold of his bankcard and abused it by paying his own personal bills and has put him in a financial bind among other things with his accountant.  His mother’s heart was hurting to see her son crying and upset.  She did what most mothers do and limited her tears to be strong enough to advise her son to oversee his accounts more closely.   Terrell, unable to fight the tears, said he would live in a box before his family is moved from their home.  However, his mom lets him know, that the love of their family will overcome it all.  Although Terrell feels he has let his mom down, it is amazing to observe his mom backing her son, no matter what.  Terrell is determined to never see his mom work again, however, he finally gets the opportunity to lean on a shoulder that will never sway him wrong or betray him.

Terrell’s last visit was with his little brother Victor, because he felt he owed him an explanation as well. He explains to Victor, that he feels like he let the family down.  Victor lets him know, that no matter what, he looks up to him, and the fact that he supported him as his big brother was all that mattered.  Terrell looks relieved that he has faced his family and the love has never been lost, He is now motivated to handle his affairs and get back on track, once and for all.

This was a very heartwarming episode.  It really helps people to realize, no matter what heights you reach, don’t ever forget where you came from.  In the end your family keeps you grounded and more conscious of your surroundings as you tackle the obstacles ahead.  Terrell was down but after visiting his family he knew for certain he was not out!

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2 thoughts on “The T.O. Show – Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Nice posts, I’ve read a few of yours so far and quite enjoyed them, will read a few others :p xxx

    Posted by Sheba | October 14, 2011, 2:21 pm

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