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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 17

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 17 – Episode 3

Episode aired:  09/28/2011

JUDGING PANEL:  Tyra Banks Nigel Barker Andre’ Leon Talley

GUEST JUDGE:  Kristin Cavallari (The Hills, Laguna Beach)

GUEST ADVISER:  Mario Lopez – Host of Extra

GUEST ADVISER’S TASK/CHALLENGE:  Test their ability to answer the tough questions during an interview by Mario Lopez, Host of Extra.

Note:  This prepared the winner for the Guest Correspondent Prize with Extra.

PRIZE:  Winning team of 6 will be safe from elimination at judging.  Individual winner will be interviewed on Extra. 

Note:  They were divided into two groups and with their group they were photographed in pairs.

PHOTO SHOOT THEME:  They were photographed on Stilts, paired up with another model.


PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS: (# represents their previous cycle)

Shannon Ratliff (1)/Alexandria Everett (16) Bianca Golden (9)/Lisa D’Amato (5) Dominique Reighard (10)/Kayla Ferrel (15) Camille McDonald (2)/Isis King (11)  Allison Harvard (12)/Angelea Preston (14) Bre Skullark (5)/Laura Kirkpatrick (13)

WINNING TEAM:  Bianca, Shannon, Dominique, Camille, Allison, Allison, Bre’



  • Allison felt more nervous this time around than in her past Cycle 12.
  • Kristin Cavallari visited the models to give them some career tips.  She advises the models “Whether you’re a good girl or bad girl, there are always going to be haters”.  She also tells them lots of great things can happen to you even if you don’t win (Life After Reality Show).
  • Lisa & Bianca got to pick the two teams for photos.
  • Bianca chooses Camille even though the first show she didn’t like Camille, second show, Bianca thought Camille was talking about her.
  •  Lisa was unprofessional during the interviews, i.e. giving hi-fives’ to everyone’s responses.
  • Angelea got an attitude because Nigel tells her she didn’t stick to her brand during the interview.  So she takes it out on Alexandria by saying “I ain’t gotta explain myself to you (Alexandria), Nigel or these other B@tches.  She threatened to be a Hood B@tch during the judging panel.
  • Bianca was freaked out with the heights, and excused herself to go to the bathroom and cried while trying to build her confidence.  She didn’t want to be on the stilts in the photo shoot.  She ultimately did the shoot and nailed her pose.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Allison (with safe group)  Alexandria (with unsafe group)


  1. Isis because her photos were not so great and it is consistently getting to be less.
  2. Angelea because her photo is not so great.  The judges commend her for speaking up during judging panel, about her confusion with Nigel explaining she was not talking with her brand in mind.  The judges are not confident that she knows the difference and can make the balance.




  • Lisa was rude to speak over Alexandria during the interviews.
  • Nice to see Allison win the challenge because she never won any challenges in her past Cycle 12.
  • Very tacky of Camille to say she has to do a better job than Isis because Isis is transgender.
  • Hats off to Lisa for motivating a terrified Bianca to do the photo shoot on the stilts.
  • Angelea addresses Nigel, explaining she was confused on how she should have acted during the interview.  Nigel tells her she can show the hood in her in a professional way.  He saw no hood.  By the way she was not that “Hood B@tch that she was threatening to be in front of judging panel.  However, I commend her for thinking carefully before going in front of the panel and dooming herself.
  • Camille needs to stop making excuses to the judging panel, just take in what they are saying and say okay when their done.  Ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • The Grove, which is the city where Extra is filmed is nice!

Click the following for:  Summary of Results and Guest Only! for Cycle 17.

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