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Dance Moms – Group Routine Takes Nationals in Lake Tahoe

Episode aired:  09/28/2011

Abby Lee Dance Center is competing in the Starbound National Talent Competition, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and it is their last competition of the season.  Abby lectures the girls on how they are not stepping up to the plate and they really need to push, focus and dig deep inside themselves to excel.  She makes them understand, her reputation and her name is on the line and theirs is too.  The bonus is we finally get to see little Ms. Mackenzie again, as she joins the group routine, titled “Beautiful”, which reflects beauty inside.  The sad part is Melissa is accompanying her boyfriend for a vacation in Florida without the girls.  Therefore, she will not be able to see Mackenzie’s group performance.

During critiques, Abby says Brooke is not doing well in the group routines and that both Brooke and Paige are slow picking up on the routines.  Kelly is enraged and says, she doesn’t care, she is okay with mediocre, they’re her kids and she loves them.  She points out they are in dance for 12 hours and school for 8 hours, so give them a break.  Abby says that mediocre is not okay because Brooke is a title winner.  Kelly told Abby to take Brooke’s crown and shove it up her a@s.  Abby was up hauled and excused Kelly from the room and Kelly graciously leaves with her children.

Abby takes the girls to the lake to get them away from their moms.  Before they leave, Christi informs Abby that Chloe wants to quit, and although, Christi was probably expecting Abby to say she would talk to Chloe.  Abby shocks Christi by telling her after the completion she can quit, because everybody is replaceable.  Abby does redeem herself later, by talking to Chloe, one-on-one.  Chloe explains she just wants a break and just when you think it’s all good, Abby gives that “there’s a whole lot of other people that’s wants to be with this group” speech.  However, she does let Chloe know she has great possibilities to go on Broadway with hard work.  At least the conversation ended on a good note.  I do sometimes tend to agree with Mackenzie when she said, “Sometimes Abby doesn’t know what she is talking about”.

The moms take the girls out to have fun away from the gym and Kurt (Melissa’s ex-husband) comes to check up on Melissa to see why she didn’t tell him she was going on vacation.  Melissa says she did and he just never listens to.  He tells her the kids are going to be without a parent and she says “so what who cares”.  I’m guessing that some footage was cut out, because it doesn’t seem like it’s in Melissa’s character to give that kind of response.  I’m not judging Melissa because I don’t know what her husband did in the relationship, however, in my opinion, I don’t think the editors cut that segment correctly with Melissa’s response.

Brooke and Paige are doing a duet together and Kelly is not happy that a guest choreographer is instructing them.  Abby admitted she just had them working on other things until she gets to them.  Then Kelly and Abby start shouting back and forth through a wall.  Kelly feels one of the two main couches should be working with the guest coach.  I know Kelly was angry but when she lashed at Maddie “Maddie you can win”, was a little unfair to Maddie.  After the ear beatings, Kelly abruptly takes her kids and leaves.

Kurt shows up to support the girls, which I don’t think anybody has a problem with, but they feel a little tension with Maddie.  Maddie later admits that her dad makes her nervous.  She actually said, “He freaks me out, because he’s not the same as my mom”.

After Maddie’s performance, her dad expressed how proud he is of his daughter.  He thinks she is amazing.  We haven’t heard much about him but he seems like a very supportive father.  No offense to Melissa, because I’m not sure if some of the footage of a different behavior with him is on the editor’s floor either.

OMG!  My heart was hurting for Chloe; this poor child freezes up during her performance.  This just really shows, how exhausted and maybe a little overwhelmed Chloe really is.  I’m not a dancer, but everybody has a bad day and unfortunately, Chloe’s bad day was during a performance.  As for the rest of the performances, Maddie wins the title of the competition with her solo, and the best comment I heard this season was from her father, he hopes it doesn’t go to her head.  Brooke and Paige’s duet seemed okay to me, but again, I’m not a dancer.  I did see a little stuttering in the end.  Brooke was not pleased either with the performance and they took 5th place.  Chloe brushed herself off and started over again, and Maddie and her “Black Swann” duet was phenomenal.  Chloe was redeemed!

Kurt tries to come in the dressing room right before the group performance.  He makes Maddie nervous so Abby doesn’t let him in the room.  Kurt is not happy and feels he is not working his daughter up as Abby says.  Kurt feels Abby has them brain washed and live in fear because of her and that she is rude to the girls and the moms.  He reminds Abby that she didn’t make his daughters and he is going to do everything in his power to make sure his daughter’s leave her studio next year.  Wow!  Enquiring minds really want to know; does dance have a lot to do with Melissa and Kurt’s breakup?  In earlier episodes a few of the Moms and Melissa herself, did say the new boyfriend was writing the dance class checks now…hmmm?  Whatever the case, Abby doesn’t have a right to say Maddie’s father doesn’t need to be there supporting his own child.  Therefore, it does seem as if she is intimidating Melissa and her girls.

The group routine “Beautiful” was simply that…Beautiful!  The girls were breathtaking including Mackenzie hanging with the bigger girls.  Maddie had a small solo at the end; at least I didn’t see the other girls at the end.  Anyway, they were great and they certainly deserved the first place award they received.

Abby Lee pulls a fast-one after the performance and boast the news that they are going back to L.A…again!  The girls are excited, but it is baffling that the permission of the Moms is not requested first.  How Abby assumes that the Moms must drop their other family members and affairs at home to accommodate her schedule, that she doesn’t even give the Moms enough time to even plan for, is absolutely not fair.  Some people are thinking, it comes with the business.  My question to that is:  At what cost?

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3 thoughts on “Dance Moms – Group Routine Takes Nationals in Lake Tahoe

  1. First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

    Posted by Salah Mckeown | October 4, 2011, 1:16 pm
  2. “When you love a man, he becomes more than a body. His physical limbs expand, and his outline recedes, vanishes. He is rich and sweet and right. He is part of the world, the atmosphere, the blue sky and the blue water.” ~ Gwendolyn Brooks

    Posted by Eunice Cockett | October 8, 2011, 8:54 pm

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