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Bad Girls Club Season 7

Bad Girls Club – Two-Faced, Crawl Fish, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah!!!

Episode aired:  10/03/2011

Judi starts the day off realizing “Ms. Voodoo” is still the only true friend she has, even if it doesn’t have a pulse.  Staci planned a big “Crawl Fish Boil” birthday party for Tiara, because she knows how Tiara’s family has given her big parties.  Even though Tiara doesn’t eat crawl fish, it was a good gesture on Staci’s part.

Tasha is talking crap about Staci again saying Staci is jealous of her.  I would really love to know what is everybody jealous about of Tasha?  Tasha doesn’t seem to be a better dresser, have better hair, have better makeup or even a better personality than anyone in the house.  So if anyone could tell me where this jealousy comes from, I would be grateful if someone could let me know what that it is.

Judi admits to being an alcoholic, which is a great step one.  Angie, Tasha, Shelly and Cheyenne went to a bar together.  Cheyenne is trying to be neutral, but finds herself in a predominantly black nightclub and she wasn’t happy.  Judi, Tiara and Staci went clubbing together.  I’m very proud that Judi was the designated driver.

Shelly and Cheyenne got a little close in the limo, which is a little suspect, considering Shelly is madly in love with her girlfriend.  Cheyenne stated how she had a problem with being in an all black club.  She said their cool, they dance well, but they are not her type.  She is ½” away from be called prejudice.

They go out without Shelly.  Tiara pours liquor shots on a guy and licks the liquor right off his chest!  She definitely had a good time.  Cheyenne starts talking about not wanting to go to a party with all black people and then she called them ghetto and hood.  I think it is sad that she describes all predominantly black clubs as ghetto and hood.  That is a confirmation of prejudice.  The girls are irritated at her comments.

Staci takes over Cheyenne’s bed and Cheyenne calls Staci a bitch for taking over her bed.  Staci ignores her until Cheyenne calls her a b*tch.  Staci got in her face and asked her to call her another b*tch but Cheyenne backs off.  Shelly and Angie are both in agreement that Cheyenne’s comments on the all black clubs is disrespect and Shelly clearly makes it known that if Cheyenne gets into it with them she not going to help.

I’m so happy that Tiara does see that Judi is being picked on.  When she finds that Staci is mad that Judi gave her the cake before hand, Tiara realizes how petty the arguments have become.

Tasha and Judi are pissed that Shelly and Staci are hanging together.  They don’t realize Staci is using Shelly to get information, but Staci doesn’t realize the information on who’s been sabotaging her, she is looking for is actually Shelly, so the likelihood of Shelly confessing is slim to none.

Tasha happy that she is in an upscale restaurant because she feels it’s more her style.  I guess this is what the “high classness” in her is use to!  Did I say “classness”?  If Tasha reads this she is going to say I can’t spell, well just in case I made that word up for her! Cheyenne, says she likes dirt-bag bars, where she can play pool.  I’m guessing she doesn’t think black people play pool in bars.

The party is nice, the decorations done by Staci and Shelly look great!  I can’t believe that Staci is mad at who carried the cake out, after the party.  If she didn’t carry it why should it even matter who carried it.

Cheyenne, is feeling that they are ignorant if they find her racist for not wanting to be in an all black club.  Cheyenne didn’t realize that the words you used in referring to the club “Hood and Ghetto” to be affiliated to all black clubs is what is ignorant and again ½” from being a racist.

Maybe if Staci let them in on her plan then maybe Judi and Tasha wouldn’t be so suspect and confused on why she is playing nice with Shelly.  Judi reclaims who she really is because she finds that when she drinks less, the girls that she thought was her friend (Staci) treats her worse than the other girls did when she was a “fall-down” drunk.

Shelly is using Staci to get Judi out of the house and Staci is using Shelly to get Tasha out of the house.  The two-faced nonsense in this episode took over the show.  It was sad to watch these girls look ridiculous with bad intentions.  I want to know what is so wonderful about staying in a house with people you don’t like?  When you leave the show you will get 10 more minutes of fame on your negative actions.  Is it really worth it?

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One thought on “Bad Girls Club – Two-Faced, Crawl Fish, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah!!!

  1. Why is Judi mad? Just cause you don’t like her means I can’t either? I realize they are all being fake but that is very childish of Judi to think everyone she doesn’t like, her friends can’t like either.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 4, 2011, 12:25 pm

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