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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives L.A. – Take the “C” out of Class using Rumors

Episode aired:  10/03/2011

The kickboxing match continues with an unsuspecting Draya getting snuck by Laura who previously heard a RUMOR that Draya was talking about her and her children.  That was really wrong for Laura not to even let Draya know her intentions.  It’s a coward move.  Then Laura has the nerve to ask her was she okay?  Laura didn’t consider herself going off on Draya, but I’m sure Laura is aware of what she did and simply doesn’t care.

Gloria considered the activity at MMA Gym, a workout that was fun…are you serious?  Beating someone up is fun?  Gloria is acting as if she is proud of getting beat up by her sister.  She gave Draya props on not letting the beat-down get too her.  Maybe because Gloria got that same beat-down she can relate.

I think it is wonderful that Matt found a way to raise awareness to cancer in the memory of his mother.  Aspects like this are totally what Reality shows should bring attention to.  They have a stage and people are watching so sending off positive events and images like this is really a great thing.  Also, loved hearing Matt talk about the appreciation for Gloria!  They make a beautiful couple.  There is nothing like a man speaking of his love for the mother of his children.  Gloria later made a statement, to her sister Laura, that she can be okay without Matt is biting off more than she can chew.  I credit a woman for being able to stand on her on two feet, but letting everyone know on national TV know is crazy.  You don’t have to say it, because when it comes down to it, JUST DO IT!  No explanation is needed.

Jackie and Laura plots to look for dirt on Draya so they can have more reason not to like her, because Draya being young, pretty, having style and a beautiful shape was not enough.  And again just because Jackie and Draya don’t like it, they have to pull everybody else into it and wouldn’t you know Malaysia wasn’t present for the first conversation.  Low and behold that conversation that Imani said she wouldn’t have with the girls about Draya’s accusations went down.  I’m not saying the allegations are good, actually they are horrible.  However, COMMON SENCE would tell you, if there is so much truth to the child endangerment and neglect charges, how is it that Draya has been out of jail this long?  They don’t even give her the benefit of the doubt.  Draya is the youngest member of the group, so if anything, why would you not take her by the hand and show her a better way?  I’m so tired of women breaking each other down to make themselves look better or more superior!

The girls meet at Beso for drinks. Then the girls ambush Draya all over again with an unsuspecting Malaysia at her side.  Draya called the MMA workout “Barbaric”, good choice of words.  When Draya discussed Jackie’s wedding, with Jackie that should have been suffice.  Jackie also already told Gloria about her and Draya’s discussion, therefore, Gloria was looking for some mess by asking Draya why she didn’t attend Jackie’s wedding.  Then Laura hits Draya with their findings on the RUMOR on Draya’s alleged charges.  If you don’t want to hang with someone then dammit don’t hang with them but don’t stoop to a low-level of publicly humiliating someone when you don’t have all of the evidence or know the whole story.  They bring Draya to tears with the negative bull.  I bet that all of those women have been hit with a rumor by the press and they know it either pissed them off, brought them to tears, or made them feel bad.  They are no different from the press or any lowlife jealous person in the streets, for the humiliation they caused for Draya in this episode.

This show has fell into the same “negative identity” of a lot of other shows alike.  “Let’s see who the toughest one is so we can be best friends with them and then all come together and pick on the weakest individual”.  I can’t understand why people can’t just mind their own business and just do what they feel is best for their families and themselves.  Always trying to manipulate someone into not liking the people you don’t like is so juvenile.  That seems to be the only purpose in this show and that is to ostracize someone and make his or her lives miserable.  How little of the girls that are responsible for these actions.  The funny part about it is no one on the show has a completely clean closet.  I think they pick on someone weaker to keep the attention off of their skeletons.

I have been blocked by some of the women from social networks and that is fine.  My only comment is how could you expect someone to say anything positive about people trying to ruin other people’s lives or feeling like they are better than someone because their butts are not being kissed?  Real women, have real reasons why they don’t like someone and those same real woman would discuss it with the person they don’t like and that’s it!  Keep your distance from that person and call it a day!  This backyard alley, stuff is crazy.  Simply put, you will never be happy trying to bring other people misery!!!!!!  I apologize if a lot of the scenes were cut in editing, so I can only call what I see on the episodes, and I invite any of the women to set me straight, if I am wrong.  Draya needs to realize they don’t want to like her, so there is no paycheck worth that much humiliation and hurt. I also give Tanya and Kimsha props for not even being a part of this mess, I’m glad they left.  It’s funny how a few girls, one being Laura, says they don’t read blogs but didn’t seem to have a problem with digging negative dirt on someone….go figure!  This show was just sad!

Here’s a sample of RUMORS about Jackie, Laura, Imani, and Gloria.  I’m sure all of these headlines that still remain RUMORS, pissed them off, hurt them, etc.  Don’t dish it out especially when you know what rumors do to you!

The Milk Ain’t Clean:  Jackie Christie’s Daughter Puts Her on Blast

Athletes & Hoes:  Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan Are Officially a Wrap!!

True or False?  Imani Showalter Lost Her Shot At Being A “Basketball Wife” Because She’s a Child Neglecting Liar…

Matt Barnes Was Arrested For Domestic Abuse But Gloria Says It Was Just Blown Out of Proportion…Police Makes Arrests For Exaggerations?

Sources:  MissJia.com and Bossip.com

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

Update:  See Draya’s message to me on twitter.  It’s a start!  Although I am not trying to offend anyone, I always try to put out a good blog and Draya’s response tells me that I may be doing something right!  I thank Draya for viewing my blog.



7 thoughts on “Basketball Wives L.A. – Take the “C” out of Class using Rumors

  1. All the ladies except Malaysia are haters, they are so negative and devilish, judging and insecure about Draya. They are the ones who need help, they dont have the right to drill someone like that, specially when they closet full of shit. And technically they dont even know her. They are not asking out of concern they are asking just to throw stones at her. I hate bitches like that. Jackie ya old azz been married 3 times and ya daughter putting ya bum azz on blast. Laura u a bum too where the fuck u live? out of a storage? the other bitch insecure talkng bout she gave all her love to one man , she a fcking follower. And Gloria instigating stressed out abused ass tired bitch, scared her Man Matt gonna leave her azz. THem type bitches got the nerve to talk please. please. I cant wait for the reunion. pLEASE vH1! please put them 4 hating ass bitch on blast and air their dirty azz laundry.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 4, 2011, 2:55 am
  2. Draya was Plotted against. That’s not even fair. These women obviously have nothing better to do but talk about her. They all have
    Children so they all should know how bad it hurt her. Imani is a punk, she said nothing and Malaysia is the only real person who didn’t leave and pulled Draya aside. The show was sad .

    Posted by Terraia | October 4, 2011, 12:15 pm
  3. This show is too much, yet I continue to watch. I’m just sooooo tired of the “bitter, angry black woman” image that has become the of the “reality” in these reality shows. Draya is young, beautiful and I adore her. She has tough skin and if hald the cast was ass tough, they wouldnt be so dayum insecure!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 4, 2011, 6:04 pm
  4. hi all I read your blog and I think you’re blog will be one of the bests if you keep up the good work!

    Posted by Vinzei.com | October 10, 2011, 6:12 am


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