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Downsized – Hypnotized By the Love and Support!

Episode aired:  09/27/3011

Dylan admits to not taking his medications which showed in his 155/73 blood pressure results, he also admitted to missing 18 days of his medication. He doesn’t realize the importance of eating better, and doing more cardiovascular activity.  He’s steadily gaining weight, which is not good because he could put himself at risk for a stroke.  It’s heartbreaking to hear that this could happen to such a young child.

Laura finds out that she may be at risk of being laid off from her teaching position.  Therefore, she has to volunteer 80 hours to gather points that are mandatory.  She is the only one in the family with the steady income and it is imperative that she keeps her job.  She looks for a fundraiser and decides to pitch a hypnotist, Michael C. Anthony who does a live comedy show, for the “Raise The Funds” program and the kids are on-board to help her plan and advertise the fundraiser, but she had to first get they idea past the PTA.  It’s going to be a little pressure and Bailey didn’t help things with saying the only thing that Laura could risk losing is friendships, respect or her job.  Not very uplifting, but I don’t think she meant any harm.

Laura decided to start a Raw diet with the family making spaghetti sauce with squash, tomatoes and a lot of other veggies.  She is doing this to get the family to eat healthy and to help the existing health issues with Dylan.  Although it doesn’t look very appetizing, I think is commendable for Laura to take a drastic step in helping her family to eat healthier.  Unfortunately, they have blown through their monthly budget for food especially because of the high cost of vegetables.  I’m guessing, that in Arizona they don’t have the “Fresh Veggie Farmers Markets.

Laura sells her idea to bring in Michael C. Anthony for the live hypnotist comedy show.  Ticket sales were $20, which is a little steep for families of 5 or more.  They had to pay $2k to the Michael, in advance therefore if they didn’t get the ticket sold; they stood a chance of losing big. The failure could possibly cause Laura to lose her job.  Then to add insult to injury, she found out the high school is having a dance the same day, which made chances of her dream of having a lot of high school students present, slim to none.

I really love how the Bruce/Ramsey kids always try to save the day.  Levi, Dylan and Rex go door-to-door to see if they can help their mom with the sale of tickets.  That just shows how well Todd and Laura are raising their kids to stick together in a family crisis. They only sold 10 tickets but it is the effort that made it all the matters.

Word got around and the Michael C. Anthony’s show went on successfully.  Laura’s fundraiser brought in a $2k profit to the school.  As always, a light bulb hits Laura and she invited the Hypnotist over for dinner with a double motive to have him hypnotize Dylan to eat his vegetables.  It seems to work although Dylan said he wasn’t sure it worked, he did finish all of his vegetables.  I’m not sure the Hypnotist was expecting a Raw Diet dinner, my guess is he probably found the first drive-thru when he left their house (smile).

Again, I enjoyed another episode of Downsized because the one thing, I always look forward to is witnessing the limits they take to show love and support for one another.  It always seems to overshadow their problems.

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