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Dance Moms

Dance Moms: Finale and Favoritism Wasn’t a Factor!

Episode aired 10/05/2011

The girls at Abby Lee Dance Company does a detour and end up right back in L.A.  Only this time it’s not for a dance competition it’s a dance audition for a hip hop video.  No more pyramids and all the pictures were in a straight line.  The girls are pumped and so are the Moms!  For once I was really happy for Abbey Lee with the level she has brought the girls to. Unfortunately, Abby knew that hip hop was not the girls best dance style, but of course no opportunity is overlooked.

The moms meet and they were excited about the opportunity.  Although Holly was concerned with the committment, because she has to care for her family back home therefore, dropping everything could become a problem.  However, Miss Melissa made it clear that she is a housewife, and she can drop everything for the commitments.  Melissa also said that she would be willing to help the other girls but Christi is not buying the act of Melissa willing to take any of the other girls to an audition especially if it means that Maddie will not be the star.

In the hip-hop class we look for Mackenzie to tell it like it is when she says “Abby is funny looking when she tries to do hip-hop”.  It was a little painful to watch, but I give Abby credit for jumping in and doing what she had to do to help her girls shine.

They went to audition for MSA who is a Global Leader in Dance & Choreography Representation, where the video was being casted and JC Gutierrez, one of the biggest dance agents in the business tells the expectations and leaves the girls with Ben Allen, the choreographer that taught the combinations.  Once the girls learned or didn’t learn the combinations they then stood in front of Julie McDonald, the MSA Co-Owner with her panel and auditioned. After the audition, the girls are hit with the surprise of their lives.  They are not auditioning for the music video, they have been booked to be in another music video called “It’s Like Summer” with an up and coming artist Lux!  The room just bounced and screamed with joy!  Not bad for a first gig, getting chosen over huge amounts of people who were also there to audition for the hip-hop video.

Just when you are still glooming with excitement at the opportunity, we realize it wouldn’t be a Dance Moms episode without a twist!  They meet Seven Williams the record producer for Lux and he tells them there will be a lead chosen for the video and in order to do that it will be on-screen test for make-up and hair.  Then Seven leaves the girls with choreographer Ray who also works for Disney’s “Shake It Up”.

While the girls were getting their hip-hop makeovers, the moms are together and eat a little “Crow”, when they realize that Abby wasn’t being ridiculous, when she expected the girls to learn routines in a short amount of time.  So that part of Abby’s Drama Queen face was legit.

Did someone say Drama Queen?  Well Melissa, pulls a back-alley, sneak move by inviting Seven (Record Producer) for coffee one-on-one.  She claims she wanted to know what he was looking for in the girls, however because he already explained that to the group in detail, Melissa knew exactly what she was doing.  She wanted to better Maddie’s chances because she feels her daughter has the “It Factor”.  Personally, if you know your child has the “It factor” then you shouldn’t have to invite the producer to coffee to convince him of it.

Maddie got private lessons and at this point this season, I wasn’t surprised, because clearly Abby Lee makes it known that Maddie is her FAVORITE.  It’s so sad to watch because Maddie is a beautiful girl and a phenomenal dancer, but they have it in her head that she CAN’T lose.  Christi also, in preparation takes Chloe to Howard Fine who is Brad Pitt’s acting coach.  She was preparing Chloe for the possibilities but hoping most to build Chloe’s confidence.

The Moms meet at Steingarten LA for drinks and Melissa reveals that she me with Seven.  Christi speaks on it telling her “that’s not playing by the rules”.  Melissa says there are no rules and she doesn’t have to do what they say.  The Moms are livid, but I’m glad that they didn’t cause a rude scene, however, the Moms then felt their daughter’s chances of getting the lead was slowly dwindling, because they didn’t take Seven for coffee.

I think that Mackenzie was overwhelmed during rehearsal because she simply couldn’t hang with the older dancers.  She truly didn’t want to be there, but with Melissa as a mother we knew that Mackenzie was going to have to suck it up and get it done.  Surprisingly, Abby stepped in to motivate Mackenzie and she wasn’t yelling she seemed really sincere and that is the Abby Lee I like to see.

Later they find the lead possibilities were getting slimmer, because the lead would be playing a younger version of Lux.  Brooke has brown hair and Nia is african american, so that certainly disqualified them.  However, Nia knows she can’t do the lead, but she certainly leaves an impression during her stage test when she ends with her amazing “deathdrop”.  Brooke also couldn’t go wrong with her amazing acrobatics!

Then it all comes down to the announcement of who the lead will be.  Melissa is of course claiming Maddie’s win, because she knows her daughter has it “in the bag”.  Melissa says “Maddie is going to get it and naturally the other girls are going to be jealous!”  I hope Melissa realizes that this kind of attitude will doom her child’s career before it even gets started.

So just when you think things will be the same, the favoritism that sticks out like a sore thumb and the overbearing mother tackling her way through the competition to get to the producer…..Chloe gets the part as a young Lux.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Chloe got the lead. I was very excited for Chloe because she has been in Maddie’s shadow for the whole season.  Chloe got to shine!  I felt sorry for Maddie on the other hand because of her mother and Abby not teaching her that she will not always win.  The disappointment was all over her face.  Speaking of faces, you could have bought Melissa for a nickel.  She looked like a truck had just hit her.  Leave it to Melissa, because she pointed out, had it been about dance it would have been Maddie that got the part.  Why she can’t be genuinely happy for Chloe who is on the same team, baffles me.  I just hope that big slice of Humble Pie can change the way Melissa conducts herself.

The video is nice, I don’t necessarily know who Lux is but I wish her the best with her career.  The video was really nice, especially because it highlighted most of the girls including Brooke, Nia, Paige and Maddie.

The season was sometimes very tough to watch, but I can say the girls all grew as dancers and the Mom’s did less bickering and wouldn’t you know Abby didn’t yell or curse one person out in this episode.  Abby really wanted this for all of her girls, but her favoritism for Maddie didn’t hold up for this video.  However, Abby did coach the girls to take advantage of an amazing opportunity.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting your child’s star to shine.  Just don’t tear another person down and neglect their feelings to make your star shine brighter!

Rumor has it, Season 2 is already in the making, so Pittsburgh children get out your dancing shoes, because Abby Lee is probably scouting right now!  Just make sure you know that you come after Maddie, and you should work out just fine.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s My Opinion!



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