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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives L.A. – Can Someone Say “Two-Faced Manipulation”?

Episode aired:  10/10/2011

Gloria, Laura and Jackie talked about the moment at Beso restaurant or might I say the “verbal attack”.  Jackie immediately talked about Malaysia to get the girls to agree but she should have known Laura wasn’t going to agree, because of the fight from the first two episodes Basketball Wives L.A. – “Rumble in the Jungle”.  Jackie says she feels sorry for Draya, which is confusing after she has went in on the girl the way you did.  I do credit Gloria for standing by her feelings, not that I agree but she stands by what she said.  She said “Draya can get hit by a bus and keep it moving”.  ouch!

Malaysia defends herself to Imani, by saying she doesn’t want to get to know Draya.  Let’s review, she went to Draya’s photo shoot, she met with Draya to tell her about how the girls didn’t want to invite her to the wedding, she showed up at the gym with Draya, and she defended Draya when the girls attacked her.  Malaysia is officially playing both sides of the fence….so not cool.  I still adore Malaysia though, I just think they trying to find a way to pull her into the madness.  Imani is pumping her for information and Malaysia fell for it, or did she?  Something is telling me Malaysia has got a few tricks up her sleeve for all of them.

Gloria goes to Open Stage for “All Rise” a Cedric the Entertainer movie audition before Pamela the casting director.  Gloria needs to take some more acting lessons.  I applaud her effort, but she said it’s hard to flirt with another woman.  Uum, it’s called “Acting”.  It was very painful to watch even as the other onlookers did a half way decent job in not out-bursting in laughter.

Laura, Gloria, Jackie take Imani to a mixer to meet someone.  I think with Jackie being married three other times, Gloria never married, and Laura not having a man certainly qualifies them to pick a man for Imani…go figure!  I guess you would say the mixer was successful.

Malaysia and Draya meet to discuss the “verbal attack” on Draya.  Malaysia tune changes “I want us all to be friends”, she is a little confusing, with her statements to Imani, I’m not sure which way Malaysia wants to lean.  My thing is this,  Draya is either your friend or she is not.  If she is your friend then quit discussing her with the other girls.  I hope Malaysia doesn’t let the girls pull her into that web of disgusting haters.

Gloria and Imani decide to throw a party.  They both agree not to invite Draya.  Then they question whether or not Malaysia will come.  What is wrong with Malaysia having two friends at one time?  Why should she have to choose?  The high school game, “if I don’t like her, you shouldn’t like her” is so played out!  Imani is shocked to hear Jackie say she feel sorry for the girl, she doesn’t realize Jackie is just trying to get a reaction from Malaysia.  That’s the “Two-Faced Manipulation” act.

Imani and Gloria meet to discuss the meet and greet.  She said Ray seemed nervous to her.  I just wonder if the guys had a background on Imani as well.  That would explain the nervousness.  Imani explains that she wants a guy to take care of her this time.  This time?  I do believe she was with a baller that took care of her before.

Malaysia and Laura meet.  They discuss the kids, which is good to see them not to discuss drama. She invited Malaysia to EOYDC (East Oakland Youth Development Center).  Yes!  a positive segment.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Again this is what I love to see.  It’s not a spectacular moment, but I’ll take what I can get.

First thing Jackie said this is not the night for drama, and the first thing she wants to discuss is the bum rush with Draya.  They feel like she is not a good mom.  Oh my goodness get over it!!!!!!  Jackie says she is not there to judge anyone and from the conception of this show that all she has been doing is judging people, especially Draya.

Draya meets with Laura and apologizes about her statements about Laura and her children.  I wish Draya wouldn’t set herself up for failure.  Laura is basically throwing up the deuces to Draya and half-way uses Evelyn’s statement “She is a non factor”.   She told Draya if you are a jump off, a hooker, a deadbeat, or if you a good person own it”.  Draya is still not ready to drop it but Laura is and shows it by inviting Draya to her EOYDC events.  Which is a womanly thing to do, even though last week she didn’t no longer want to sit in the same room as Draya.

Gloria is doing a lingerie photo shoot with Matt and Imani there for support.  Matt can’t keep his teeth or his hands to himself.  You can see the love in his eyes when he stares at his lovely fiancée doing her thing in the photo shoot.  He is grinning as she flips off with her ring finger showing her blinding engagement ring.

Imani goes on a date with Kyle the Military guy that Jackie approved of her dating.  He’s moving in with one of his buddies, which is a turn off for Imani.  She claims she hasn’t dated in 3-1/2 years.  She enjoyed her date and plans on seeing him again.  After hearing her talk about a man that makes $800,000 per year, I’m not so sure he’ll show up.

Laura’s Charity event starts and Draya is the first one there.  Jackie follows and Draya like a woman goes and speaks to her and Jackie tells her “I’ll hug you even though you didn’t hug me last time” (bringing up old stuff).  Jackie tells Draya that she disapproves of her not thanking her for what she does for her.  Are you kidding me?  Now Jackie seems to understand what Draya meant by her comment on her being crazy about her man.  Jackie goes on to talk to Draya about a friend of hers that has been talking about her behind her back. Then she stops talking because that friend walks in and in her (Mrs. Jones from Friday Voice), “Hiiii Gyrrrl” and what do you know… it was Laura!

Please Draya don’t let Jackie suck you in again!  We know now that when she came to that charity event she had an agenda.  To be friends with Draya again so she can curse out Laura and possibly have her isolated.  Or maybe that’s why Laura forgave Draya so easily because she had an agenda as well.  Hope Draya doesn’t fall for it!  Jackie is bad talking Draya, Malaysia and Laura, so therefore, she got to get her team back up in numbers.  Jackie certainly puts you in mind of the “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater”.  Beware!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

Do you think Jackie has a hidden agenda or do you think she is being sincere with Draya?  What is your take on Imani?  Do you think Malaysia is playing both sides of the fence?  Share your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Basketball Wives L.A. – Can Someone Say “Two-Faced Manipulation”?

  1. Draya is my favorite on the show and I don’t really like Laura.

    Posted by sharmine | October 12, 2011, 2:38 pm


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