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Basketball Wives Miami

Basketball Wives – Royce Reed Calls It Quits


I guess Royce Reed from the original “Basketball Wives” filmed in Miami, has had enough!  She went in on Twitter about 4:15pm Eastern time, this afternoon and had this to say:  “Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT 2return 4 Season 4 of BBW due 2 artistic differences.Things may change but as of now, NO!”.  Then she goes on to say “I want to thank all my fans for your support”.

I really have mad respect for Royce, because she kept it 100.  She always owned what she said and did.  It seemed that this past season she didn’t have a lot of camera time which we later found that some of the cast members claim to not want to do segments with her.  However, I believe, Royce didn’t want to be caught up in the drama and was really trying to promote creative and positive segments.  I believe that some of the girls were a little intimidated by Royce, because they were afraid that Royce may leak some of their skeletons.

Whatever the case, we watched Royce grow, on this show and she now adds author and actress to her resume and frankly, I found her to be far more mature than a lot of the other cast members.  I hope Royce changes her mind and comes back and shows her lifestyle, her foundations, etc.  At the same time if they want her to come back, just for drama, I don’t blame her for leaving.

I wish her the best!



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