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Kim’s Fairtytale Wedding…The Actual Wedding But Not An Event

Episode aired:  10/10/2011 Part 2

Kim goes to another dress fitting at Vera Wang’s shop and I must say the girl can wear a dress!  She couldn’t make up her mind so she decided to wear three different dresses for her wedding.  I guess this is what Princesses do, although, I can only remember Princess Di and Duchess Kate wearing one to their weddings.  We are talking about Kim Kardashian though, and we cannot forget she has been planning this wedding since she was a little girl, if that means anything.

Kim goes to Kris H’s home in Minnesota and Kim is rearranging the house starting with her dislikes with the bedroom.  She doesn’t like the dog pictures, the pictures of his parents on his nightstand, the stuffed animals.  She forgot he was living a bachelor’s life.  I’m impressed at how clean it was, she should have gave him credit for that alone.  We know Kim is not feeling Minnesota, she calls it Hee Haw Minnesota, and she’s goes as far as not even liking the grocery carts.  I don’t think Kim got the lesson of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Kim did lighten up a little when she gave her honey a pedicure and Kris H. may be right, he has very nice feet for a sports player.  I was touched that Kim gave him a  pedicure, that was so surprising and really shows how she is getting a little more laid back.  Kim goes to Kris’s foundation event  in the City of Mound, Minnesota.  He speaks very well and with passion to the kids on working hard and telling them of his 8-years in the league.  Kim even got to meet Kris’s grandparents donna and don who were at the foundation event as well I was impressed when Kim recited his grandmas recipe for love, that she came across at Kris H. house .

Khloe talked to her mom about her conversation with Kris H or might I say their argument.  Khloe told her mom she was too honest with Kim and she regrets it.  She then decides she is not going to the bachelorette party but her mom told her that she would certainly regret it.  Later when Khloe and Lamar go to a pistachio commercial they had to shoot together, she talked to Lamar about her and Kim’s argument and she tells him of her plan of not going to the bachelorette party.  Lamar is in agreement with Kris J in saying she will totally regret it, if she doesn’t go.

It’s so wonderful to see Bruce do whatever he has to do to make sure his stepdaughter’s wedding is successful.  He even goes into the sex shop to help Kris J. get the supplies needed for the Penis themed bachelorette party.  He was so supportive while sporting his sunglasses and baseball cap  that was down so far you couldn’t see his forehead.  Did he forget this was being televised?  Before they got the supplies they took a little time to be kinky with each other, Kris put on a cat woman mask and collar.  I’m wondering if they bought the leash that Bruce collared Kris J. with?

Back to Hollywood!  I’m not saying that Chris H. is not used to living the good life, what I am saying is that you can see his irritation with another part of Hollywood Life and that’s the paparazzi.  He gets through it and tries to keep being the Kris he knows how to be.  When they go to Wolf Gang Pucks to have a food tasting, he gets excited when he sees cornbread and starts eating with the serving spoon. Kris also makes sure he ask Wolf Gang if he could give Kim some cooking lessons.  I know, I know, a man’s got to eat, but this is Kim K, she is not a cook but not to worry, she makes a mean dinner reservation!

Kim was packing for the Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Vegas Style, and discusses changing her name to Humphries and Kris H is so excited.  Kim had even started buying signature accessories with “H” on them.  How cute!  On to Vegas and the guys fly commercial and the girls fly first class.  Kim is pissed that Khloe didn’t come.  The girls stay at the Palazzo and the boys stay at the Venetian, the hotels are connected so they were not far from each other.  Courtney surprises Kim, with Khloe already in the suite when they get there.  Kim is happy and they kiss and make up as sisters always do.

Another party, I was losing count but I believe this one was the Bridal Shower, and attendance included Rachel Ray, Mel B, Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland.  Kris J overheard Kim talking of changing her last name to Humphries and went in to momma mode, I mean manager mode, I mean momager mode!  Kris J said she would not allow her 30-year-old daughter change her name as if she has to give Kim permission.  Lets see, Kris Kardashian is now Kris Jenner….I’m lost.  Kim is going to have her same fans she had as Humphries as she had with Kardashian.  I don’t think she is not going to be booked for jobs or not recognized if she changes her name.  I’m with Kim, Kris J is a little selfish for being against her wanting to change her last name to her husbands last name, after all, Kris did it twice!

Kim tells Kris about dis-inviting guest, because they are 150 people over.  Kris avoiding an argument says the smartest thing in this whole episode, “when it comes to the wedding the most important thing should be the ceremony, the love and the union we are forming”, so he lets her win that one.

After her moms presentation of what changing her name would be like for business, she breaks it to her husband that she is considering not changing her name.  Kris felt that the family makes her decisions.    He told her that he has to be her best friend and partner and 4 years ago she sold clothes in a boutique in the valley, now she’s this princess.  Kim says he didn’t understand her work ethic, and he says “work ethic?”  I’m going to leave that one alone.

At the rehearsal dinner, Kim and Kris H are still taking cheap shots at each other due to the arguments about name change, seating arrangements, etc.    Kris J. and Bruce do what was supposed to be a toast, but it was more like jabs at the groom.  Making the remarks about him finally proving himself, and that he’s learning. Then his own friend blast him and says he was just #43 when Kim met him, nobody knew him and then thanks Kim for upgrading his friend.  NONE of those statements are complements, and you could see the frustration and embarrassment in Kris H’s face. I couldn’t wait until this show was over.  I know I have received emails to blog on this, but I was looking at the clock as I was taking notes.

Kim goes to get the marriage certificate and the big question, will she change her name?  She decides not to changer her name.  Kris is hurt and says that it doesn’t even feel like he’s getting married.  He signs his name on the certificate and throws his identification on the table eager to get the whole thing over with.  It’s a wonder he didn’t crack that ginormous bottle of champagne (equivalent to 20 bottles of champagne inside one bottle) in the middle of the table the wedding planner gave them as a gift.  He certainly looked like he could use a drink.

All the Kardashian sisters were at the final tuxedo fitting and Kim is filled with emotions of how much Rob looks like their dad in his tuxedo.  Rob looked amazing, the Twinkies didn’t show at all.  Later Bruce brings Kim’s dad’s old clothes over to her house, because she wants to have pieces from the shirts cut out in hearts to have sewn in to each dress.  She has an emotional moment going through her fathers clothes and really wishes that he was here to see her get married.  Bruce is there to comfort her which was nice to see, because Bruce DID have a good relationship and a great deal of respect for Robert Kardashian.  Light bulb!  thinking about “what this cost and that cost”, she realizes she is forgetting what the wedding is actually supposed to be about.  Realizing that it is not about the material things.  Bruce assures her that he will get her down the aisle in her father’s honor and his own love for her.  When she discussed her father with Kris H, I had to stop taking notes and wipe away the tears.  After all that’s said and done Kris and Kim kissed and made up. Later Kim has Kris H come with her to visit her father’s burial site.  I thought this was beautiful that Kim thought enough of Kris H to stop holding back the things that are so important to her.  She is finally thinking about her and Kris H as partners.

Wedding Day!!!!!

Kris H. expresses appreciation to Bruce of how he has certainly made an impact in Kim’s life.  Bruce is obliged and says he will be there for Kris H. as well.  Kim surprises her mom with diamond studded earrings. How sweet of Kim, thinking of someone else on her own wedding day.  It brought Kris J to tears.

Kris H’s dad gives him some words of wisdom, and says he will know he has married the right girl when he screws up.  Kris H gets romantic and has a diamond bracelet presented to Kim that is simply beautiful.  He had threatened Kim early on that he was keeping his mustache, because that was the only control he seemed to have left, but with more thought he decides to shave his mustache, while he has on his tuxedo shirt.  Well at least it was his decision, so therefore, he controlled that decision.  I love how down to earth he is, he didn’t even cover his shirt with a towel to shave his mustache, he went in for the wing!

The time has come and I am happy to say, I feel a lot better towards the end of this blog then I did at the beginning, and middle with this two-part blog. In attendance was Serena Williams, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Mario Lopez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kathy Gifford to name a few.  The Bridesmaids looked fab.  Kris J’s dress is nice, I just think the bow is a little big, I mean the bow is almost longer than her grandson.  Mason is adorable when Scott gives him the order to take the pillow to mommy.  He runs it down the aisle.  Kourtney has to pick him up and almost takes a spill, but she made a good save!  I was hoping they would highlight Kris H’s family but, his sister was only seen standing at the front with the other bridesmaids.  We did get glimpses of his dad, but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t continue to let the viewers know that it was his dad by putting (Kris H’s dad) on the bottom of the screen.  Kim was stunning as she came down the aisle in the first Vera Wang dress of three.  Flawless is the word that came to mind, I don’t think I can remember a bride that beautiful.  They sealed their marriage with a conservative kiss, not the “This is my wife and everybody will know it kiss” that Lamar gave to Khloe on their wedding.  We all know that Princess weddings cannot have sloppy kisses.  I must say, the event wasn’t the wedding, the event was everything leading to the wedding.  My personal opinion, I think Khloe’s wedding was more realistic!  Kim’s wedding was certainly over the top and will go in the record books!

Bruce reveals Kim’s emotional reaction of missing her dad made him realize he would like to be closer to his biological kids from his previous relationships.  So it was very nice to see Bruce’s children at the wedding and showing their enjoyment to be with their dad.  The Bride and Groom are introduced after Kim’s Second Vera Wang dress change.  Concluding dinner, Robin Thicke sang the first song for the bride/groom’s first dance.  Finally when I think we get to see Kris’s mom, but put the brakes on because his mom dodges the camera.  Now I’m convinced his mom decided that she didn’t want to be seen on the cameras.  Kim changes for the third and final time and Khloe makes another toast and I held my breath because the engagement toast was so scary and rude.  I wonder what it was because the editors cut it out.

I have come to the conclusion that Kris H’s parents and family opted out of being filmed for this two-part special, event, or I don’t know what this was really.  I respect their privacy if it is true.  I would also love to believe that this is the case then believe that the Kardashians were that selfish that they purposely didn’t include Kris H’s family.  That would be so dirty.

The wedding was beautiful well at least the five minutes of it that we witnessed, I cannot deny that.  Kim was stunningly beautiful!!!!!  Kris H. was dazzling and handsome!!!!!  However, all the circumstances that surrounded this event was painful to watch at times.  It does seem in the end that Kim regained focus of what was the most important thing about the wedding, which is the man she married.  Although, I think she realized it late in the game, no pun intended, she did get it and I wish them nothing but the best of luck in their future as man and wife!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

What did you think about the wedding?  Do you think it will last or do you hope it will last?  Share your comments below.

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One thought on “Kim’s Fairtytale Wedding…The Actual Wedding But Not An Event

  1. Good post and straight to the point. Thanks 🙂

    Posted by Ismael Volinsky | October 21, 2011, 3:45 pm

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