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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives L.A. – POSITIVE overshadowed by MANIPULATION

Episode aired:  10/17/2011

It was beautiful in this episode when Gloria had her moment with her boys being christened as her family watched…POSITIVE!  Loved when Gloria and the boys joined Matt at his basketball camp…POSITIVE!  Still trying to figure out why Draya wanted Jackie to help pick her samples for her line but that was POSITIVE!  When Draya had quality time with her mom and son on the beach…POSITIVE!  When Malaysia launched her Children’s Jewelry Line…POSITIVE!  Can’t forget Laura gave a charity event for EOYDC (East Oakland Youth Development Center)…POSITIVE!  As nice as all these moments were, you really couldn’t enjoy them because Jackie’s manipulation overshadowed the entire show.

Jackie found out or might I say heard gossip of Laura speaking about her in a negative way.  So what does she do, she uses Draya, the woman that she tried to verbally destroy in front of millions of viewers, just recently.  I can’t believe that Jackie has the balls to confide to Draya, after the way she disrespected her and to top it off she brought it up at Laura’s Charity Event.  When Laura approaches, Laura and Jackie hug, even though “Mrs. Keep It Real” Jackie has an attitude with Laura.  It’s Laura’s charity event, so if you felt the way you did about Laura why come to her event?  Now if it were Draya, Jackie would have tried to rip Draya to pieces on site.  It seems Jackie isn’t so sure about Laura’s skills so she held back a little. Laura was a lady about it and ignored her.

Jackie met with Draya, Malaysia, Imani and Gloria at some point throughout the show and whatever they were actually meeting for was always overshadowed by Jackie to discuss Laura. With all that effort the most efficient thing to do would be to meet with Laura.  If the rumors are not true, why be so bent out of shape about it?  It baffles me when a grown woman tries to pull people in her battles.  What Jackie thinks Laura said about her had absolutely nothing to do with Draya, Malaysia, Imani, or Gloria, so why try to get them to think badly of Laura.  That is a “Bish” move and very juvenile.  Jackie is one of those people if she doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t want anyone else to like them either.

Jackie manipulated herself through every cast member on the show.  Not saying all the women fell for it, but it did seem like Jackie premeditated each move with the women and that was sickening to watch.  Do you really think Gloria is going to take Jackie’s word over her sisters?  It doesn’t surprise me that Imani joined the “Jackie Hates Laura” team, it seems Jackie had Imani in her pocket from the start. Imani says she was offended by what Laura has said about her, but how can you be offended by #1 something you haven’t confirmed with the person who allegedly said it? and #2 how can you be offended by something that isn’t true?

Jackie is hurt about what is being said about her, so what does she do, started with Malaysia and tells her what the other girls were saying about her.  Hmmm, she is did exactly what she thinks Laura did to her.  Are you serious?  Draya said that she wanted Jackie to advise her on her ventures, but I hope Draya realizes, Jackie is not to be trusted when it comes to her, and there are a lot more successful advisers in LA.  What was really rude was when Malaysia was unveiling her jewelry line, Jackie couldn’t resist by bringing up Laura again. Jackie showed how little she thought of Malaysia, by selfishly bringing up her anger with Laura and taking Malaysia’s POSITIVE spotlight.  As many positive events and accomplishments that Jackie Christie is apart of, this side of her being displayed is really unfortunate.

Okay, I’m tired, but this season is almost over…POSITIVE!  This show has most definitely shed a negative light on Black Women and certainly Black Women involved with Athletes.  I know they are not ALL not like Jackie, but VH1 needs to find some more positive women to represent the show, because fighting, bullying, tacky dressing, phony and hypocritical was not what I visioned the Basketball Wife lifestyle to be.

Again, I can only comment on what I view and I always invite any of the cast members to comment as well.  I know there is a lot of editing done, but why would you sign up for something that depicts you in a negative manner?  I don’t think any paycheck is worth being displayed as outright IGNORANT!  I can’t wait until this season is over…it’s just shameful.  I pray every week, that there will be ONE complete positive show, but the odds are not looking good.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

Do you think Jackie is being childish or do you think she is right in her actions?  Do you think Laura is going to standup to Jackie?  Do you think that this show should find new cast?  Share your comments below.

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