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Bad Girls Club Season 7

Bad Girls Club – Season Finale – Can You Say Beat Down?

Episode aired 10/31/2011

It was the season finale and it certainly went off with a prank, a lot of crying and a BIG BANG!

The girls did the usual, their hair, their make-up, the club, eating, and especially trash talking and planning.  I have to give it to Tiara, with her mastermind plan to get Cheyenne out of the house was genius or maybe the girls just wasn’t trying to comprehend.  When she set Cheyenne up to think that because her luggage was in her room it was time to go, all I could say was “Who would think of that?”.  Well Tiara did, and without question, an unsuspecting Cheyenne packed her belongings and got into the limo that she thought the producers sent, and went home.  The girls were shocked to find out the Tiara set the entire prank up ALONE, and pulled it off like a champ.

Then Staci’s plan all came to a head, when she approached Shelly and Angie and questioned them on who sabotaged her contact lenses.  Shelly still denied the act, but Angie knew that she had told Tiara, looked a little worried.  Without notice, Staci pounced on Shelly and beat her like “no tomorrow”.  I still don’t think that the beat-down was worse than what Priscilla did to Judi (BDC – Priscilla Leaves with a Bang), but let me tell you, it was brutal.  Shelly didn’t seem to get a hit in edgewise.  Staci, was prepared to go home, but not before she beat the crap out of Shelly.  Shelly tried to retaliate, but I think embarrassment, was the only thing that got her ticked.  Staci even through Angie under the bus by telling Shelly, Angie was the snitch.  Angie was pissed that Staci ratted her out, but believe me, Angie had nothing to say to Staci, however, she did admit it to Shelly in a round-about way, she told.  At least Angie finally stood by what she did.  I really don’t believe Shelly wanted any more of Staci, however, Shelly did say the situation was “To Be Continued”.  Can’t wait until the Reunion Show.

The girls all shed a few tears before leaving, and Judi cried not a river, but an ocean! Shelly told Judi of Staci wanting her out of the house which is going to make the reunion show interesting.  I hope Judi realizes that Staci, made Shelly believe, she wanted Judi out of the house, because it was apart of her plan.  Whatever the case, the show ended how it began with Judi talking to her voodoo doll, saying she matured…go figure!

The girls all said they learned something, but let me tell you, I don’t think any progress was made with any of these girls.  I think the only thing they learned, is pack your things when you fight!

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One thought on “Bad Girls Club – Season Finale – Can You Say Beat Down?

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

    Posted by Diego Amormino | November 16, 2011, 9:51 am

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